Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Aesthetic crystal has multiple colors and is attractive on any occasion. When the hot summer comes, it’s a wise choice to select a suitable crystal pendant in order to make you stand out, so do you know how to select a crystal pendant? Following are some tips for you to select the most satisfied pendants.

1. Select Pendants by Seasons

Each season has its own features and requires quite different dressing and clothing styles; as a matching ornament, crystal pendants should also reflect their diverse features by seasons. For example, spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, when single grayish white is taken off to brighten the colors, and crystal pendants of amethyst, jade, malachite, ross quartz etc are the most suitable ones for spring; these jewelries are in bright colors, which arouse the wearers’ lively and active feeling, and exhibit the air in the spring. When it comes into summer, however, the weather is scorching hot, the clothing turns to thin and graceful style, when it’s not advisable to wear thick and heavy jewelry, instead, small and exquisite jewelry mainly in light colors is best choice, and those with cool, refreshing and elegant texture are preferred, in order to bring the cool feeling in hot summer. Autumn is a harvest season, when we take off light and thin summer clothes and put on thick clothes, and the best performances are maturity and modesty, in this regard, crystal pendants in mustard yellow, golden yellow, dark green and various bright colors are suitable for the wearers, in order to show their unique appeal of maturity. Finally, when it comes into winter, surrounding colors are very dull and heavy, when we should select crystal pendants in relatively strong and bright colors, such as warm colors like bright red, emerald green, golden yellow etc, in order to add some dense colors to single luster that directly stir the heart and instantly become the spotlight, and jewelry having sense of volume and firmness in design pattern is preferred.

2.Have an Eye on the Size of Pendant

A pretty pendant is absolutely suitable for the wearer, so do you know how to select a crystal pendant suitable for yourself? To buy a pendant, you should select one in line with your neck feature. A wearer with stubby neck should select a slender pendant, which could visually lengthen the neck line while cover up the imperfection of short neck; however, a wearer with goose-like neck should select a pendant of big grain size and short length, to have his/her neck look as if more plump, visually shorten the length of his/her neck, so as to have his/her neck seem to be well-proportioned.

3. Have an Eye on the Color of Pendant

Not every one of us is born with fair and fine skin. As yellow race, most of us may have yellowish skin; so we should have a pendant that matches our skin color. For a wearer of yellowish skin, it’s advised to select a bright-colored pendant, in order to enhance the brightness of skin, and prevent his/her skin from darkening; for a wearer of pale color that is not healthy, pink crystal jewelry is a good choice, which makes skin look more rosy; if you have fair and healthy skin color, then your skin color is an all-match, and you can try pendants in various colors.

I believe you will know how to select crystal pendants best suitable to you after reading three tips above, may you have a crystal pendant in your own style that would attract the eyes of others in this summer.