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Red Nymph Jewelry

    Payment & Shipping

  Payment Methods:

For the convenience of buying, Red Nymph Store supports Paypal  as your secure payment,When you need to pay, all of your payment steps are completed at

Our website will not retain any of your account or bank card or credit card information. So you don’t need to worry any issue about your payment when buying.

Because Paypal is a very convenient and safe payment method, and when you have any problem with your purchase, you can lodge a claim with Paypal.

You can use your bank card or credit card and PayPal account to pay directly.

1) When you press the blue button, you will directly go to and use your Paypal account to pay.

2) When you press the yellow button, you will be asked to choose to use your paypal account or bank card or credit card to pay at

   Shipping Solution:

Our system will automatically select UPS or DHL shipping for every order in order to save your time. Even if you just buy one product on, your UPS or DHL also is free.

     Free UPS or DHL For Every Order

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you buy our product on, you will enjoy free UPS or DHL ,  and our promise is that no matter where you are , within 3-6 business days you will get all the products you order



According to our data analysis, our customers are very fond of choosing this solution.Because Red Nymph Jewelries are inexpensive, one person buys several pieces or invites several friends to buy together, then enjoy the free and quick delivery.


Whichever option you choose. when you complete you order on, we will send a confirmation Email to you, it will tell you all the information about your order, including shipping method.