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Sterling silver is almost entirely made of pure silver, and for durability, a small amount of another metal is added. But what is the difference between sterling silver and pure silver?


Although sterling silver is mixed with other metals, it looks like shiny silver, which is part of why copper is the most popular metal mixed with silver. Copper gives the alloy maximum durability without affecting its stunning tone. If you are worried that sterling silver will not retain the same luster and color as sterling silver, you can put your fears aside – even for a well-trained jeweler, it’s not easy to tell the two metals apart by appearance alone.


Pure silver is a soft, malleable metal – its strength and robustness have never been known. This quality makes it a very impractical choice for any functional item – coins, table wear and jewelry need to hold their shapes to be useful.

Sterling silver has all the advantages of silver, but there are no disadvantages. Sterling silver retains its shape and has been made into a wide variety of things, from complex plates to diamond crowns. It allows the use of silver, not just appreciation.


Pure silver is more expensive than sterling silver, which means that to design jewelry, craftsmen must invest more in raw materials. This requirement has greatly increased the price of the final product, making silver a less practical option in commercial jewelry manufacturing.

In addition, sterling silver is a moderately priced metal. When combined with its increased strength, this feature makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.


Discoloration is a chemical reaction that causes the metal to darken and darken. Sulfur exposed to air and water forms a dull coating on the metal surface, resulting in loss of brightness and gloss.

Like pure gold, sterling silver is not a very active metal. It does not react with oxygen or water, so it does not easily discolor. Pure silver is more sensitive to air and water than sterling silver, so it is prone to discoloration. Although sterling silver is more powerful than pure silver, it needs more care to maintain its original state.

If your beautiful sterling silver starts to show signs of discoloration, don’t worry, sterling silver is easy to clean!