Whether you want to add a little festive cheer to your daily outfits or a cocktail dress for a large Christmas party, you will love these 6 tips for wearing holiday jewelry. These guidelines will eliminate people’s guesswork when choosing seasonal accessories.

In most cases, choosing jewelry and accessories is mainly to find the jewelry you like and match it with suitable clothes. However, choosing holiday jewelry can be a bit complicated. On the one hand, the selection of seasonal jewelry is huge and continues to expand. You will find everything from coordinated necklaces and earring sets to novel items such as themed pins and necklaces. All these choices make shopping fun, but so many choices can also make it difficult to wear these clothes. These guidelines will help you figure out how to incorporate holiday jewelry into your outfit.

  1. Know your style

Your daily life style usually reflects your personality, so if you are too keen on holiday clothing, you may feel uncomfortable. You can avoid this by wearing clothes you really like. Do you usually wear a lot of layered necklaces or multiple pieces of jewelry? If so, you might like to wear a few coordinated holiday outfits. Are you the kind of girl who likes to wear simple necklaces? In this case, you’d better buy a pair of holiday earrings or a simple Christmas-themed bracelet.

  1. Consider the occasion

Occasion is an important factor when choosing jewelry, and it is also important during festivals. Even if a work has a holiday theme, it may not be suitable for your event. For example, don’t wear gorgeous Christmas buttons and brooches to a festive cocktail party. This rule applies the other way around; in a very casual occasion, you probably don’t want to wear layers of sparkling red and green rhinestones. This applies to any holiday, except for  Halloween makeup parties.

  1. Less is more

When it comes to holiday jewelry, people can easily get overwhelmed, and in the end it looks like a Christmas tree. One way to prevent this fashion disaster is to remember that “less is more.” You want everything to attract attention, rather than mixing together to create a chaotic appearance. You may have heard the old adage that it is a good idea to take off an accessory before you leave home. For holiday jewelry, this is even more important because they tend to be more dazzling than everyday jewelry.

  1. Choose a color

Choosing a uniform color for your jewelry is a way to make your holiday outfit more perfect. If you are dressing up for Halloween, you might choose to wear a few orange clothes. At Christmas, you can choose red or green, and at Easter, you can wear pink jewelry. Even if the styles of these two clothes are quite different, choosing one color will make the different clothes look delicate and matched. This is a great way to have holiday fun, not to overwhelm your other clothes.

  1. Make an impact

You can show off a holiday jewelry by simply dressing. For example, if you have a special Thanksgiving pin and you want to wear it to a holiday dinner, you can consider wearing a plain colored top with it. You can pick something that highlights the color of the jewelry, or just choose black or white. In this case, your clothes will become a blank canvas that can be used to match special holiday costumes. In order to achieve this effect, you also need to reduce other jewelry and hair accessories.

Minimize the Music

You’re probably aware of the many holiday-themed pins and necklaces that play music or light up. These can be fun, especially if you work with children. However, it’s important to wear only one musical item at a time in order to avoid the risk of your jewelry playing multiple Christmas carols at once. Light-up items are also better in moderation, since too many flashing pins and necklaces can be distracting. It’s also good to remember that these electronic pieces are better suited to casual holiday events.

Remember these tips for wearing holiday jewelry, and you will have be perfectly festive and fashionable at the next party. Whether you are going to a Christmas party or want to look festive on any festive occasion, if you can use your best judgment and choose less fancy accessories, you will be the focus of the party.