Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Platinum and silver colors are relatively similar and inexperienced people can easily confuse them. Sohow to identify them? Ask jewelry experts for the most professional advice. There are five approaches to identify the platinum and silver.

  Comparison: Platinum is seen as gray-whitewith naked eyes, with relatively hard texture, hardness 4.3. Silver is seen as white with naked eyes, with more delicate and smooth texture, hardness lower than platinum, equal to 2.7.

  Seal engraving: as each piece of jewelry must be engraved with seals, so they are all platinum when you see Pt, Platinum or Plat. Likewise, they are all silver when you see S or Silver. By the way, the copper silver symbol is SF.

  Weighing: If you see a fuzzy seal, or the seal has been cut, you can adopt this trick. The platinum has a higher density 21.4 kg / m³ and the silver has a lower density 10.49 kg / m³. The silver weight is only half of platinum under the same volume, so it’s pretty obvious to identify by weighing.

  Cremation: we adopt this trick when the material is low in weight and can’t discern its weight. The color of platinum stays the same when cooled down after heating or fire while the color of silver will turn scarlet.

  Chemistry: grind the platinum against the touchstone and drip some X and hydrochloric acid compound. If we see marks, then it’s platinum. The difference of color shows different percentage. Drop the said compound to silver, the marks will disappear.

It’s easy to identify platinum and silver with these five tricks. In case you are confused about them, try the above tricks!