Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Necklace is the most prominent and decorative aspect of jewelry with the largest expression area. There’re many types of necklaces, either made of gold, silver or set with jewels.

Tips to remember regarding necklace type and color and clothing allocation.

First, necklace size should match with neck size. Thick neck fits large necklace; thin neck fits small necklace; moreover, high collar does not fit long and thick necklace, or else necklace pendant is concealed from vision; woolen sweater with horizontal collar only fits necklace instead of pendant; for woolen sweater with triple-folded collar and high-collar, the necklace should be exposed outside the clothing, and avoid abrasion with clothing; in addition, necklace type should fit clothing pattern, including single necklace or multiple necklaces.

In gold and silver necklaces, handmade fine necklaces are most popular, especially suitable for females of slim neck with slender and exquisite feeling; horsewhip necklaces are solid and mature, suitable for females in their senior ages; two-piece necklace or three-piece necklace featured by exquisite processing and strong sense of three dimension is suitable for young females and girls in terms of elegant and well-bred manner; fashion necklaces of more diversified styles are popular in recent years; integrating the features of handmade fine necklaces and horsewhip necklace, some magnificent and modern necklaces are set with gem stones, which fashionable females may well take a try. Gold and silver necklaces are more suitable for clothing of delicate fabric and fine handwork to exhibit elegant and luxurious temperament. Sometimes, tight sport skirt in combination with a gold necklace will also set off lightness and liveliness of young girl.

Gem necklaces are produced from diamond, natural pearl, ivory, agate, callaite, rose quartz, petrified wood etc, are more impressive in decorative effect, particularly abundant in color variation, suitable for setting off various clothing, exhibiting various styles, and increasingly popular. Girls of moist skin color wearing ivory necklace or pearl necklace are more elegant and delicate; older females may use bright-colored jade necklace or callaite necklace with the feeling of youth and stateliness; female white collars in refreshing and neat dress are busy with calls, documents and the computer, for them necklace with diamond pendant glitters and light on dull office.

Ivory necklace belongs to medium-to-high-grade jewelry, and ivory tint is a noble color. Ivory necklaces are divided into thick, medium, fine and extra fine sizes, all of which highlight female softness, gentleness and cultivation.

Plastic necklace of high quality and low price is the product of modern technology, its emergence is widely welcoming, in terms of more casual pattern and keeping up with fashion trend; clothing in concise style is the perfect match of plastic necklace.

Particularly, necklace needs match color for simple and distinctive effect. In spring, if you’re in a light tan high-collar woolen sweater, with lower hem freely waving in warm breeze, ride a bicycle in the splendor of spring, refracted silver light from the necklace will sharp your radiant smile. In summer, due to wearing on thin clothes, gold and silver necklaces are better in decorative effect; a silk shirt with a simple gold necklace will bring the feeling of simplicity and handsomeness. In autumn, if you wear on a thick woolen sweater, agate, amethyst, tigerite or white jade necklace will be a good match. White or light-colored sweater is harmonious partner of amethyst or red agate necklace.

Common materials of necklaces matching with clothing are gold, silver, ivory and pearl. Different materials should match with different clothing styles to create good ornamental effect. For example, gold and silver necklaces are symbol of nobility and wealth. In spring and summer, if you’re in a woolenette one-piece dress with black long sleeve, with a gold necklace, appear at a grant feast, you’ll be impressed with modesty, elegance and full of glory; to attend jubilant and festive occasion, if you wear on red suit dress, with a gold necklace, you’ll be impressed with radiant joy. If you wear on azure polyester one-piece dress, with a gold necklace, you’ll radiate tenderness, open mind, charm and elegance.