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Men’s jewelry is the highlighting element of their outfits. Necklaces have a special place because they are so versatile and fashionable. Minimalistic, bold, casual, or formal, the true essence of your neck piece will shine when you choose the right lengths.

So, sort it out once and for all. Here is the ultimate guide to men’s necklaces’ lengths. Let’s have a look!

Best Chain Length For a Man with Pendant: Tips and Tricks

If you are wondering how to choose the best chain length with a pendant for a man, here are the tips/tricks that you can follow:

Start by measuring your neck length. Once you get the ideal length, you must increase it by 2 or 3 inches to get a chain length that fits perfectly.

Start by measuring your neck length. Once you get the ideal length, you must add 2 or 3 inches to get a chain length that fits perfectly.

Take a quick look at the pendant structure and see how it seamlessly fits the necklace. Generally, smaller pendants are good for short-length chains (chokers) and larger ones for long-length (ropes).

Check for the common necklines that you wear. If you are more into round/deep necklines, a short-length chain with small pendants would be perfect. Meanwhile, for high-neckline outfits, try lengthy necklaces with large pendants.

If you have broad and muscular shoulders, it’s recommended to try long chains for greater comfort.

You can also personalize your chain length as per your style and common occasions that you visit. For example, on a formal occasion, short-length chains would be the best choice.

What are the Types of Men’s Chain lengths?

Necklaces for men come in all sizes, shapes, lengths, and thicknesses. As a result, they are as versatile as women’s jewelry. In addition, any length can make a huge difference to an outfit’s overall appearance and personality. So, without much delay, let’s have a look at various lengths:

Short Necklaces

Short necklaces have an evergreen charm which makes them go with everything. It falls right on the neck of the garment and looks very stylish. It looks stunning with round and V necks. It’s for someone who loves to wear a necklace regularly.

Medium Necklaces

This is the most common length of the necklace. The medium-length chain fits with every outfit and is on the safe side. You can accessorize it with long bar pendants or pair it with some additional necklaces. If you don’t like neck-hugging necklaces, this is a suitable choice for you.

Long Necklaces

It’s a total attention seeker necklace you always wear outside your upper wear. It’s both boho and chic and sometimes looks elegant with formal wear. The style and looks of long chains are bold and make you stand out in a crowd.

What is the Best Chain Length for a Man?

The appropriate chain length depends on the style of attire, neck length, and many other factors. But, the most common chain size for men is 60cm to 75cm, which is medium length. The reason is you can add a pendant to it, multilayer it, and it works with every style of outfit.

Short vs. Long Necklaces: Pros and Cons

When it comes to the length of the necklaces, you may find both short and long pieces for your wear. While short ones like chokers and matinees can be wrapped around the neck or be bust-length at the maximum, the long ones like ropes can go below the bust. There are several pros and cons of both these lengthed necklaces:

Short-length Necklaces


Ideal for both high and low necklines

Works as an instant focal point

Perfect for making your neck long and slender

Less hassle for tangling

Easy for layering

Adds elegance and versatility to the overall outlook


It may not suit all the neck types

Limited space can seem restrictive

Possible skin irritations/reactions

Long-length Necklaces


Good for high necklines

Ideal for casual and formal wears

Gives a height of illusion

Flexible to layer, double up or style

Doesn’t feel restrictive or choking

It can be worn as an outfit centrepiece


Can get tangled

Risks of getting caught in an object resulting in its breakage

If it’s not the right weight, it may feel heavy

How Thick Should the Men’s Necklace Chain be?

Generally, 2-6 mm chain thickness is suitable and works with all styles. But, to enhance the look of your clothing, pendants, etc., you must research all the widths. To make the selection easy for you, here’s the list:

1-6 mm

This is the most common thickness of the main necklace chain. It looks elegant and can hold light pendants. It doesn’t overpower the outfit, and that’s why it’s the most popular thickness.

6-10 mm

This thickness is essential for holding a pendant and looks very bold. 6-10 mm will make your necklace shine, stand out, and look impressive. It especially looks good in a solid box necklace as it has this range as perfect width.

10-X mm

If being bold is your style, then this is the right choice of thickness for you. The 10-X-mm necklace is stunning and spectacular. On the other hand, you can go for long chains featuring large pendants.

Another thing you must pay attention to is the width of the necklace. If you’re buying a chain with less width, always pair it with light pendants. Alternatively, a necklace with a large width can be paired with heavy pendants.

So, before selecting the most suitable necklace for yourself or any special one, go through this comprehensive guide to pick the most appropriate piece!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a chain with a pendant be men?

The length of a chain with a pendant for men can be 60-70 cm or 23-27 inches.

How long should a chain be for a pendant?

A chain size between 55-65cm is ideal for a pendant.

How thick should a men’s chain be for a pendant?

A men’s chain for a pendant can be 2 to 4 mm thick.

Is a 65 cm chain good for a pendant?

Yes. If you wear a 65 cm chain for a pendant, it will dangle right in the middle of the chest.

Is a 75 cm chain too long for men?

A chain size between 60 to 75 cm medium-length for men.

What style chain is best for a pendant?

Chain styles like box chains, wheat, cable, Figaro, and curb, which are simple and versatile, are best for a pendant.

Can you put a pendant on a 65 cm chain?

Yes. Pendants can be worn with chain sizes of any length.

How low should a man’s necklace hang?

65 cm on an average

Is a 1.5mm chain good for a pendant?

Yes, however, you can use such width for heavy and large pendants.

Is a 2mm chain too thin for a man?

The thickness range for a men’s chain can be between 2 to 4 mm.

What is the most popular chain length?

65 cm

Is a 75cm chain too big?

A 75mm chain is not too long for men.

Is an 60 or 65 cm chain better?

A 65cm chain is the standard size for a men’s chain. However, you can wear an 60cm chain if you are into short-length necklaces.

Where does a 65cm chain hang?

A 65cm chain hangs an inch below the top of your sternum. However, it depends on your height.