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Red Nymph Jewelry

Oftentimes, fashionable girls, at the first glance of accessories labeled as “silver necklace” in a jewelry store, doubt about “is that true silver?” So, how do we identify the authenticity of a silver necklace that costs a lot? Actually, there’re many methods. Here, Red Nymph’s fashion adviser will introduce some practical tips for you!

Tip 1 See the Color

In general, a silver necklace has bright silver color; if a necklace contains impurity, it will tarnish.

Tip2 Feel the Weight

Silver is slightly higher in density than other common metals; if a necklace labeled as silver is less in weight than an aluminum necklace of the same volume, it is not pure silver.

Tip3 Test the Hardness

Gently scratch across the surface of necklace with a sharp object, if an unobvious scratch is left, indicating it is true silver.

Tip4 Hear the Sound

Silver necklace will have a dumb sound when falling onto the ground, while bronze necklace will have a fast and short sound, and tin necklace will have a heavy and short sound.

Tip5 Observe the Label

Silver necklace is marked with S or SL, and all other markings do not indicate silver necklace.

Tip6 Bending Method

Gently bend the necklace, authentic silver necklace is flexible without breakage, less fine silver necklace is stiff when bending, and bendable necklace is not so good.

Tip7 Nitric Acid Erosion Method

Pure silver will discolor upon contacting acid and alkali. Drop nitric acid on the necklace with glass rod, if the necklace presents the color of brown rice or slight green, indicating it is fine silver necklace; if the color is dark green or black, indicating it is low-content silver necklace.

Finally, I’d tell all of you, that Red Nymph’s 925 silver necklaces are authenticated with certificate by authoritative testing organization, so what you buy will be pure silver.