Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Silver jewelry is a best seller in recent years. In addition to affordable and cost-effective price, it’s very popular for adding the wearer’s personal charisma.

Of the numerous series of silver ornaments, silver necklace is the most popular one. So, how to choose the length of silver necklace? Generally, the length of silver necklace varies for males and females.

Typically, four sizes are optional with female silver necklace:

16″(40cm): It is equivalent to choker in length. Generally, 16″(40cm) necklace is as perfect as choker to encircle the end of the neck. For female wearer of short stature, it’s slightly close to her clavicle. This length is available with most necklaces, which matches perfectly with nearly all clothing styles, to fill the space on the neckline.

18″(46cm): It droops to near the clavicle, which is the most popular size in female product line. The lower end is just below the throat. Silver necklace of this length, when used with a big pendant, serves to complement the space of deep-V neckline, for bringing visible contrast with the clothing. For female of tall stature, wearing this size of silver necklace has similar effect to choker

20″(50cm): It droops to the lower point of the clavicle, and slightly lower than the clavicle, with the sense of more comfortable “breathing space”. Many females prefer silver necklace in this length, which matches well with business suit or casual wear. For sweater with high lapel and clothes with heaps collar, this length is a good choice.

24″(60cm): It droops to the lower point of the neckline, which is an unusual size for the wearer.

It’s a misunderstanding that only female is qualified for wearing necklace, on the contrary, many males are enthusiastic about necklaces.

Typically, three sizes of silver necklace are available for a male wearer:

18″(46cm): It droops to near the end of the neck, which is a small size.

20″(50cm): It droops closely to the clavicle, which is the most common size.

24″(60cm): It droops to the upper bosom.