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Are you a man who wants to wear more jewelry? Choose sterling silver bracelets for men. Here’s your guide to looking stylish in silver.

Sterling silver bracelets for men are getting a lot of hype recently. Popular among celebrities various sports stars, the silver bracelet is trending.

The role of bracelets is to emphasize your look overall. But how do you know exactly when and how to use this accent piece?

Don’t worry. We’ve got the scoop.

Here are the no-fail ways to rock a sterling silver bracelet.

Layered Bangles

Pair a sterling silver bangle with a watch and woven leather bracelets. The woven pieces add texture while the silver bracelet adds sophistication. A watch brings it all together with practicality.

If you want to layer silver bracelets together, make sure you don’t go with thick pieces. Instead, layer thin corded bracelets on the same wrist.

With Professionalism

Sterling silver bracelets for men are distinctly sophisticated and professional-looking. That is why they work great to accent business and formal attire.

Silver bracelets for men are perfect to wear with the daily suit and tie. Or, wear them to your next dinner party to accent your outfit.

For professional and upscale outfits, choose a broad single solid bracelet. These look sleek, masculine, and bold.

Also, keep it simple for these occasions. One metal bracelet is enough to show a little swagger.

Under the Sleeve

When wearing long sleeves, such as that suit, bracelets should be worn the same as watches– under the sleeve.

While it may seem like it defeats the purpose of wearing a bracelet, your sleeve with only cover them when necessary. Afterall, a bracelet is to accent remember?

Your sterling silver bracelet will shine brightly at the right moments such as when you’re handing your boss those memos or grabbing a cup of joe in front of an attractive onlooker.

With Casual Looks

While silver bracelets look great with professional and formal outfits, they can work for more casual looks, too.

Celebrities are rocking sterling silver bracelets with blazers and leather jackets at casual events. We also see men pulling it off with short-sleeves during the warmer months.

A good choice for casual outfits is a corded or chain-linked silver bracelet. You don’t want anything big or bold.

If you’re on vacation or out with the boys, bring your silver bracelet along. Just make sure not to wear too much jewelry with casual outfits. One bracelet and watch will suffice.

The One Wrist Rule

Wearing jewelry on one wrist looks better than both, even if you’re wearing multiple pieces. The general rule is to layer on one wrist and keep one wrist bare rather than spreading out jewelry pieces.

If you’re a watch-wearing man, then accent your silver watch with a silver bracelet. Make sure never to mix metals, though. Gold and silver don’t go together.

The rule doesn’t apply when mixing rings and bracelets, though. It is perfectly fine to wear a ring on one hand and a sterling silver bracelet on the wrist of the opposite arm.

On the DL with Necklaces

When pairing a metal bracelet with a necklace, you don’t want to have too much shine. Your look with look overdone if both your necklace and your bracelet are making a loud statement.

Instead, choose which jewelry will play the leading role and make sure the other is on the down-low (DL). If your bracelet is large and shiny, wear a necklace that is small or partially hidden under your shirt.

You can switch up the roles and wear a thin silver bracelet with a larger necklace that stands out.

Another way to accomplish this pair is to wear a bracelet that looks worn. Vintage styles are trending, which makes it easy to find silver bracelets that can pull off the wear-and-tear look.

A thinner metal bracelet that looks like its corded is a good choice. Pair these with a bold and shiny necklace and you’re good to go.


An important thing to consider when wearing a sterling bracelet is size. You don’t want your bracelet to be rolling up and down your arm. This will only draw negative attention.

When purchasing the bracelet, have your wrist measured to get a perfect size. Try different sizes on to see which fit the best, too.

This will not only make sure your sterling silver bracelet looks great, but it will allow the jewelry to fit more comfortably, too.

Retro I.D.

If you’re a soldier or into retro looks, then a sterling silver I.D. bracelet is the choice for you. These are thin metal chains with space with engravements. Most people put their name but these can be customized for virtually anything.

Some men with medical circumstances may engrave the condition and include an emergency contact or directions on them. Maybe you’re a romantic and want to list a wedding date. Or, perhaps engrave a favorite quote or inspirational saying.

Whatever you choose, silver I.D. bracelets are best for casual outfits and short-sleeves. Wear them with jeans and you’ll become a modern James Dean.