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It’s impossible to change size, color, cleanliness and cut of diamond setting in ready-made wedding ring at a traditional jewelry store, together with limited styles for choice, making it not only lack of personal character, but also short of special meaning for the new couple.
This is the imperfection upon which ready-made wedding ring is frowned by many new couple. However, diamond custom-built wedding ring, as an emerging model, is not desired to attempt by everyone who wondering how would it be inferior to a ready-made one? Moreover, many people are skeptical of diamond custom-built wedding ring. So, is a ready-made wedding ring or custom-made one better?

    What is ready-made wedding ring?

Ready-made wedding rings fall into popular products from batch duplicate production, which the users are unable to change shape, size, color, cleanliness and cut of diamonds, and limited styles are available for their choice, leading to the likely embarrassment of “duplicate ring”, not only lack of personal character, but also short of short of special meaning for the newly wedded couple.

Due to a traditional jewelry store needs to spend large amount of money as down payment for purchasing ready-made rings before resale, and it may take half a year and even a year before one ready-made ring is sold, leading to inventory pressure and lower rate of capital turnover, as a result, it’s not unusual to have ready-made rings at high selling price.

   What is custom-made wedding ring?

A custom-made wedding ring is refined product of individuality and handcraft, which is customized by professional jewelry designer in line with the customer’s temperament, characteristic, interest, hobby etc, in particular, some fancy cut and colored diamonds are combined as ordered by the customer, Red Nymph Diamond has professional jewelry custom designers for one-to-one consulting communication, with whom the customer may participate in the whole custom process to maximum extent.

With such mode of selecting diamond before tailored production, the sale and updating rates of products are substantially increased, which drives fast flow of working capital, with increased rate of capital turnover 5-6 times to that of traditional model, in other words, capital cost of the inventory is substantially reduced. Therefore, custom-made wedding ring is usually 30-40% less than traditional brands in selling price.

Ready-made wedding rings have once monopolized wedding ring consumer market. Before marriage, it’s usual for new couples to choose from ready-made rings at a jewelry store, they’ll pick up a ring of suitable size and style for them, however, in case of unfit ring size, they’ll have to wait for several days before refitting is completed, but actually many customers do not think the refitted rings are best for them.

Wedding ring is the first and most meaningful diamond-set jewelry in the life of many customers. A custom-made wedding ring makes big difference, the price, appearance and property of diamond is relatively transparent, which settles the doubt about covered flaw of ready-made wedding ring, thus custom-made wedding ring is more economic in terms of cost performance. Wedding ring, as irreplaceable symbol of coronation ceremony, needs custom production incorporating personal character to highlight valueless and unique traits. However, for new couple who choose and buy wedding ring immediately before wedding day, it is a wise practice to have a favorite ready-made wedding ring.