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//Your silver jewelry needs the right care

Your silver jewelry needs the right care

Without wearing your favorite piece of jewelry, you can’t go out of the house? For some of us, dressing is not complete without wearing fashionable necklaces, earrings, bracelets or other accessories. After all, this is a very convenient way to add instant charm to any makeup. But then, if you don’t take care of your jewelry, all the flash won’t last forever. Do you like silverware recently? If the answer is yes, you need to be careful when storing silver and keeping your gloss.

Although you like your silverware and want to wear it all the time, you need to know when to take it off. Avoid wearing delicate silverware when cooking, fitness, swimming or doing housework. You should also stay away from heat and glare, as silver and gems will fade or discolor.

We can tell you some tips:

  1. Wash before storing jewelry: sweat is prone to deterioration because it can cause moisture and may cause the jewelry to lose its luster. Therefore, it is important that you wipe all the sweat from the jewelry before storing it and hide it in a hidden box.
  2. Sealing box: Store the silverware in a sealed box or a color-proof wooden box for a long time. Never put them in an uncoated wooden box, because that will definitely make it lose its color or luster.
  3. Use anti-tarnish paper or cloth: Wrap your precious silverware with a soft cloth (such as fine cloth) to maintain luster and prevent discoloration. This is a good way to store your precious silverware. You can also pack each piece of jewelry with rust-proof paper or paper towels. Never wrap it in newspapers.
  4. Separation is necessary: ​​don’t put two different types of jewelry in one box. It is important to place your jewelry in a separate jewelry box or in a secure container to prevent them from being scratched and damaged.
  5. Silicone or activated carbon: Take a small packet of silica gel or some activated carbon and place it in your box with your silverware. They have a miraculous effect on moisture absorption and therefore prevent rust.

Remember, always wear your jewelry when you dress up. It should be done after the use of make-up, cosmetics, perfume and lotions to avoid damage to delicate items.

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  1. Kayla June 12, 2019 at 9:51 am - Reply

    It is best to remove the jewelry at the following times:

    Housework chores such as plates, clothes and cleaning supplies
    Exercise, at the gym, or for contact sports
    When taking a shower
    Swimming, hot bath or sauna
    Very hot place (like lying on the beach or swimming pool)
    When you are ready. e: Apply lotion, cosmetics, hair care products)
    Prepare, cook, or consume foods that contain sulfur (including eggs and mayonnaise).
    Outdoor chores or tasks, such as gardening

  2. Alexis June 11, 2019 at 9:49 am - Reply

    Silver is fragile, and despite our best efforts, it will get dirty. Fortunately, sterling silver care can be as simple as a quick wipe.

    To do this, use a simple super-fiber cloth or a special jewellery cloth (not paper towels or toilet paper) to clean your items.

    Focus on keeping the jewels up and down for a long time. Be sure to use different parts of the fabric to avoid soiling. Don’t do circular motion here because it actually makes stains or dirt worse. Be sure to avoid polishing any part of the jewelry that is intentionally oxidized.

  3. Lauren June 9, 2019 at 9:46 am - Reply

    What happens if you put a luxury car in the rain? It gets dirty! The same principle applies to sterling silver care. You need a suitable storage space to store your amazing work. Moreover, you need to be diligent in maintenance.

    Exposure to the air can damage your silverware. Do not put it on the bedside table or in the open jewelry box. Also, don’t put it in your wallet or drawer!

    It is preferred to store the silver in a separate sealed bag with anti-tarnish properties. These types of bags isolate the air and maintain shine and shine.

    Unlock the jewelry and avoid scratching. To save time and space, don’t put a few clothes in the same bag. This can cause tangles, scratches, and smudging, which is what we are trying to avoid here!

    For additional precautions, the silicone bag provides anti-tarnish protection. Put one in each bag and be careful.

    Finally, if you travel with jewels (because we know you want to look fascinating in paradise), be sure to protect yourself with a special box! The last thing you want to deal with on vacation is to stain the jewels, right?

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