Measure your face. These measurements will tell you your face so you can match your face with the best jewelry. You need a flexible tape measure and something that can pull the hair back (such as a hair clip or hair band). It is helpful to look in the mirror while you are measuring.

Tie your hair, don’t be on your face. If you are using a hair clip, you can cut your hair behind your head or overhead.

Measure your hairline (inches or centimeters). With your tape measure, place one end in your left front temple (just below the hairline) and the other end in your right temple. Write that number.

Measure your cheekbones (in inches or centimeters). With your tape measure, place one end on top of your left cheekbone (just above the apple on your cheek) and the other end on top of your right cheekbone. Write that number.

Measure your jaw contour (inches or centimeters). With your tape measure, place one end on the left edge of your lower jaw line (just below your earlobe) and the other end on the other end of your right lower jaw line. Write that number.

Measure the vertical length of your face in inches or centimeters. Using your tape measure, place one end on the bottom of the chin (at the top) and the other end on the top of the forehead (on your hairline or widow’s peak). Write that number.

Determine the shape of your face: Now you can use your measurement data to find the face that suits you best. Stand in front of the mirror, read the shape description and choose the shape and size that best suits you.

The round face is close to a perfect circle. The face is symmetric in all quadrants; it is not longer than it, nor longer than it. An example of a round face celebrity is Penelope Cruz

The elliptical face is 1.5 times longer than the wide face. They are closer to a vertical circle. A celebrity representative of an oval face is Beyonce Knowles

Square faces show their jaw contours. The man’s jaw line of the square face is as wide as the hairline. The celebrity representative of the square face is Angelina Jolie.

The heart-shaped face is the widest at the humerus, and the forehead and jaw line are narrower. Jennifer Garner is a celebrity with a heart-shaped face.

Match your face with the right jewelry. Now that you know your face and the different types of jewelry you can use to decorate your face, you can confidently match them together.

The round face is matched with the jewel to offset the contour of the round face. A long necklace hanging low on the chest is a good choice. Long and angular earrings will complement the round face. Earrings like rectangles and trapezoids are a good choice.

The oval face is versatile. People of this shape can wear almost any style of necklace or earrings. Hoop and chandelier earrings are particularly flattering.

A person with a square face should wear a necklace. The bottom of the necklace should have a pendant or a small ornament, which can divert people’s attention away from the sharp chin. Pendants with curved shapes are a good choice. Large earrings or chandelier earrings will match the face.

The heart-shaped face is best paired with a necklace or a short necklace to make the narrow chin look rounder. Triangle or heart-shaped pendant earrings are more suitable for this face.

Diamond-shaped faces should choose necklaces and short hoops. They increased the length of the narrow chin.