Don’t choose a childish jewelry because you have grown up

Charming bracelets, animal pendants and butterflies – anything that doesn’t look expensive. No matter how much money you spend, they are very naive, and no one thinks that children have expensive jewelry.

Keep away from cutesy shapes, especially the bright or soft colors. This means no heart, no things that look like children’s toys or fantasy creatures.

Choose a bunch of correct beads

Why spend a lot of money on something that looks like you can make some loose beads and a rope at home? Not to mention, the beaded necklace is a very mature look, in general, People in their 20s and 30s are best avoided.

Really, you should be completely away from the beads, but if you must have them, then less is more. Stick to the use of beads as a decorative dress, prefer small beads instead of large or medium beads, because large or medium beads make it easier for you to look old. In addition, replacing pearls and semi-precious stones with glass and plastic will make your beaded jewelry look more expensive.

Please don’t choose too bright, too shiny metal jewelry

Many cheap jewels are made of cheap alloys, even plastics, but coated with a metal-like coating. Polished gold, silver and bronze are shiny, but not so bright.

Choose a slightly darker metal instead of a really light, bright metal. The slightly richer and slightly darker shades add to the weight of the work, making it look more expensive.

Heavy metal jewelry is more suitable for wearing

Heavier metals (and gems) look and feel more expensive. This is not to say that delicate, lightweight jewelry looks cheap, but if you have a big pendant or a statementnecklace, as if it were made of aluminum foil, then yes, it looks cheap.

The weight of the jewelry should match its size and material. The weight of a piece of jewelry affects how it hangs and how it moves on you, so when it doesn’t seem to match your appearance, it means jewelry is cheap. You also want your jewelry to at least look like it is made to last — that means clasps and closures are sturdy and secure, and the parts are welded together or with hinges and screws, not just a bunch of flimsy metal jump rings and bits of string.

It will make your skin green

Copper often turns the skin green. Nickel and silver also react with your skin to discolor your skin. On the other hand, gold is rarely stained unless it is mixed with other metals, which are usually made to make the gold stronger – wait a minute – cheaper! How many of these metals can cause in your skin The response depends on your unique body chemistry.

There are some tips to help you avoid those terrible green tags. Regularly wiping the silverware will prevent them from leaving marks on you or your clothes. You can also apply transparent nail polish to the jewelry that touches your skin as a barrier between you and the metal. Remember, the longer you wear a cheap jewel, the more likely it is to mark you, so try to wear only a short time, such as the evening, not the whole day. Sticking to 18 carats or more of gold will help you avoid markings altogether, just like wearing jewelry made of platinum, titanium and stainless steel, even though these materials are more expensive than the cheaper alloys used in most costume jewelry.

That statement necklace is easy for you to make mistakes

Many people think that wearing a large necklace on a boring dress will make it look stylish and refined, but they are wrong. Those huge beaded and dazzling bibs may be very popular, but most of them are too busy, the colors are too bright, and they never look particularly chic. They just said, “Look at me! I am a huge necklace!”

Replace the necklace with a cool pendant, necklace or lasso. Or use a delicate necklace to make a layered shape. Or wear a earmuff. Or a bracelet. Anything! The era of giant colored jewelry necklaces is over. It is time to look forward.