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It is no secret that here at Rednymph we absolutely love sterling silver jewelry. From its malleable qualities to its longevity of life and stunning lustre, it is the perfect choice of metal for many millions of jewelry pieces sold every year, all over the world.

But did you know that silver may have healing properties and bring more positivity into your life when you wear it? Or that it makes a serious comeback in the fashion stakes?

Read on for the ultimate guide on how to wear sterling silver bracelets and more…

Accentuate your style

A beautiful sterling silver bracelet can not only be the perfect addition to your jewelry look but it can emphasise your wardrobe choices too. So why not match your outfit to your bracelet choice?

Imagine a sleeveless evening dress at a formal event. You can opt for small studs and nothing else but a unique twisted rope bracelet. A bare yet bold look, the bracelet adds a touch of elegance as eyes are drawn to the curvature of the wrist.

Enjoy more of an alternative look? Match a silver bracelet with a leather bracelet or leather cuff for a contrast in materials, styles and silver tone.

Catching some rays on the beach? Wear your trusty statement Kerala ring, detailed cuff bracelet and favourite breezy kaftan. The cuff bracelet will set against tanned skin gorgeously and can easily be removed easily when you take a dip in the salty sea.

Choose a bracelet type that suits your mood

Sterling silver bracelets don’t have to just reflect your jewelry aesthetics, fashion choices or personality, they can also reflect your mood. Feeling edgy? Check out sterling silver cuff bracelets. Feeling sentimental? How about a charm bracelet or a beaded bracelet?

The list goes on with endless options: stacked bracelets, string bracelets, Baroque style bracelets, gothic style bracelets, etc so get experimenting! Even some jewelries are embracing the power of sterling silver jewelry right now.

Join the mixed metal movement with pride

Our expert artisans hand make each item with a perfect balance of metal tones so that our mixed metals perfectly compliment each other. Just look to the masters of metals Asia for evidence of mixed metals being revered for centuries; with more contemporary evidence like jewelry giants Pandora embracing the mixed metal movement.

For an example of a mixed-metal marriage made in heaven, just look at one of our mixed metal rings to see its true beauty shine through.

Did you know Wearing your bracelet on your left wrist can promote positivity

OK so this may not apply to everyone, but for those curious about spirituality, did you know that the left side of your body is associated with your internal self in the spiritual world? It is claimed that by wearing a sterling silver bracelet on your left hand you can take in positive energy from the environment around you.

Our favourite precious metal is known to carry the energies of the moon, especially during new moons and full moons, making the effect of wearing it like a protective force field, reflecting away negativity.

In Buddhism it is believed that wearing silver jewelry (chakra jewelry) can help heal your chakras and restore balance internally and externally. Consequently, much strength can come from wearing a silver bracelet on your left wrist daily. So why not check out our hammered silver bracelet from our vintage collection for some style inspiration and keep the positivity coming!

Health benefits of sterling silver

Silver has long been considered pain-relieving. In fact, in the past, it was used medically for its antibacterial properties. People still buy colloidal silver now to kill bacteria and prevent infection (that is why it is found in some dressings for wounds). Here is a useful discussion of the risks and benefits of colloidal silver from Healthline.

Many people believe that by wearing a sterling silver bracelet we can channel many of those health benefits. According to some experts such jewelry helps to keep our blood vessels elastic and keeps the formation of our bones and skin.

It also helps that sterling silver is hypoallergenic. At Rednymph, we combine pure silver with copper, not nickel, so you can guarantee no allergic reactions with this blend of metals from your bracelet.

Keep your bracelet looking fresh

Whilst sterling silver is renowned for being fairly robust and shunning most dents and scratches, it still needs some upkeep to maintain its sheen. When you aren’t wearing your bracelet keep it in its own sealed bag in a cool, dark place. Make sure it isn’t in sunlight or in a damp place. We have a useful post on how to clean your jewelry in this section if you want to get all the best tips and tricks for upkeep.