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//Why is silver jewelry so popular?

Why is silver jewelry so popular?

     In our daily life, we often see not only many teen girls wearing silver jewelry, but also many aged elderly wearing silver jewelry on their wrists.. It’s said that all long-wearing silver jewelries are soul mates and empathetic partner with their owners, in that many such silver jewelries will not be as glossy as original appearance and darken when their owners are ill, furthermore, silver jewelry and silver ware have disinfectant and anti-inflammatory functions, not only for use by adults, but also we often buy silver jewelry for wearing by the new-born babies, a symbol of blessing for the kids.

  In general, the purity of silver is expressed by the measurement of Ag, and Ag925 (Sterling silver) is the measurement of purity for many silver jewelries at present time. The origin of Ag925 is mainly from launch of the first silver jewelries of this purity by Tiffany in 1851, and then it has become an industrial standard, and one of the standards of appraisal for sterling silver.

  All silver jewelries have mysterious tension. A silver jewelry alone is perhaps not eye-catching, but when it’s put on human body, it immediately brings the wearer with unique temperament, in that some people show new and graceful appearance, other people look like to be more unrestrained and uninhibited, still others show mysterious and classical charisma, and it’s interestingly important that many silver jewelries are bright but not showy, especially suitable for mixing with bright-colored clothes in spring, which will not over-shine the beautiful clothing, while being able to display unique personal charm of the wearer. A great many silver jewelries have very strong plasticity, which determines the changeful varieties of silver jewelries. Some silver jewelries display unique personality, but some wearers of silver jewelries show their elegance and quiet civility. A lot of silver jewelries can become a whole set, so popularity of silver jewelry is inevitable. Another attraction of silver jewelry is that silver can be inlaid with such materials as gemstone or imitation gemstone etc, and the jewelry so produced is not only in pretty look and various varieties, but also complement each other with the clothing.

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  1. Eden October 27, 2018 at 11:28 am - Reply

    With the price of gold skyrocketing, many jewelers can’t afford to take a risk on creating fashion pieces that won’t sell. But the price of silver has gone up too, adding to its perceived value. Silver is now pricey enough to seem valuable, but cheap enough for retailers to buy.

  2. Flora October 26, 2018 at 12:32 pm - Reply

    One of the significant benefits of buying sterling jewelry is that you will be able to have value for your money silver that you will use to purchase the jewelry. Silver is known to be very hard and will surely stand the test of time. In addition, silver allows for filling and polishing hence making it easy for jewelers to repair surfaces in case they experience damage. The rings made of silver can be quickly repaired hence making silver very economical since you don’t need to buy another ring in case you spoil the one you have.

  3. Grace October 25, 2018 at 10:34 am - Reply

    Gold and platinum jewelry are known to be very expensive as compared to silver jewelry. Most wearers of jewelry have appreciated the fact that sterling jewelry is very affordable for most people and they are white as compared to other metals. Silver is relatively cheaper because it is mined more often and for this reason, it is highly available in the marketplace. This makes jewelry wearers feel satisfied because they can get something good at a relatively low price.

  4. Irma October 25, 2018 at 9:35 am - Reply

    Jewelry which is made of silver are available in various designs. More jewelry artists are now able to make more silver designs as compared to those they make from gold and platinum. Most jewelry wearers are always looking for something unique, and silver jewelry will precisely offer this. Over time wearing of jewelry is changing and consumers want something new which will be unique in its manner. The sterling silver will help artists make the latest trend hence they can deliver to the customers what they want. Silver jewelry is used interchangeably because they can blend in with other types of jewelry like gold and platinum.

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