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//What color is better for silver jewelry?

What color is better for silver jewelry?

This is an important issue, and people are not always sure how to answer. Why do we have to choose a “fit” color? Of course, the simplicity of silver and the everyday look make it easy to match anything – but that’s not necessarily true. After all, this is a question of taste and personal style – we will discuss all of these issues here to break how and why you wear your silver jewelry.

What color is correct with silver?

Silver is usually best for black, but it can also be used with white and grey. Formally speaking, these are considered to be shades rather than colors. These shadows are in stark contrast to silver, making us aware of its existence, not being overwhelmed by color. You can wear any piece of silver jewelry in black, it will look great and shine on dark fabric. With gray and white clothes, it’s best to have a large size – large size clothes are perfect for a basic, even bland, clothes that will make your outfit more impactful. If you are not looking for statement pieces, another option will be to layer and mix silver and gold.

Silver with deep navy or royal blue is very beautiful – these deep and sexy colors create a stunningly comfortable background with silver, which also applies to warm purple or Bordeaux/Burgundy colors. These are the colors of winter, which is very interesting, because silver, which represents the winter weather and the glittering effect of the festival. On a cool winter night, a perfect suit should be a royal blue dress with a long silver necklace.

The most influential colors that praise the silver are:


Dark blue/dark blue



Design and style

If the dress is very busy, such as a pattern or shape, then you’d better choose a shorter, less refined necklace that fits the whole, but won’t overshadow it. It is said that it is best to stay away from wearing colorful clothes and silver because it does not supplement it, in fact the opposite is true, it devours it. For a simple/basic dress, such as small details or colors, it’s best to wear a long, less conspicuous pendant on the necklace, like a letter-string necklace – so you can’t hide the clothes. Sexual circumstances bring more stimulation to the clothes.

How to wear silver jewelry to match your clothes in summer

White is both a winter color and a summer color, so you can wear white silver jewelry all year round. What we need to know now is what color is not suitable for silver:

Keep away from soft colors such as lavender, pale green and pink. Silver is not in harmony with them and tends to lose its visibility in a pale cloud.

Relatively speaking, if the color is too bright, there will be conflicts, so try to avoid wearing bright green and yellow, they will only eat silver, so you can hardly see it.

The cool color with silver jewellery is soft peach, ice pink or vanilla yellow – a hue between “soft” and “bright”.

How to match clothes with custom silver jewelry

The custom details of a piece of silver are an important aspect of its collocation with clothing. The first thing to do is to decide how to customize the necklace. If you decorate it with gems or crystals, you must make sure that the color of the gems is outstanding. They are either color or size. For example, if it’s a large, transparent diamond, you’re a good fit for it, but if you add a small gem to a silver pendant, the transparent or pearl gem may not be bright enough to be noticed. You can mix the color of the gem, but only a very simple, single color garment. Blue-green and silver jewelry paired well with black or basic clothing.

The most important thing is that you have to feel comfortable. If you don’t like fashion, use our advice, remember never wear too much, and don’t wear too little – just make sure that the color you wear matches your silver jewelry and match your dress.

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