Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

The earring has being the favorite face-lifting accessory by females from home and abroad since time immemorial. Lively earring highlights the wearers’ charm, moreover, proper earring helps refine imperfection of facial form and beautify your image.

The patterns of earring are diverse, which are roughly divided into ear stud and ear jaw by structure; earring and ear-drop by style; the patterns are myriad and varied in terms of circular, square, triangular and irregular forms. The truth of wearing art of earring is perfect integration with surroundings, personal temperament, facial form, hair style and dressing, and bringing out the best ornamenting effect.

Earring may be exquisite and simple, but full of design feeling. Peach-blow hollowing out and gold spark adorable atmosphere, and bring the sense of cute girl.

Red circular earring and crimson dress are perfect match. The earring designed in circular shape offset the cool feeling of eye makeup, adding a touch of affinity.

Exquisite diamond, together with elegant pearl and some refined hollowing out, highlights the design full of noble air. Gold fluffy bob combining with noble and antique earring bring much noble feeling.

The big earring of a little exaggerated design, together with half shoulder-length hair, brings the feeling of passion and liveliness. Colored diamond design adds sense of youth and reduces some dullness.

Wearing effect

Earring and ear stud are placed in left and right sides of face, and the face is most striking, thus proper wearing of earring and ear stud is of most importance. We can say that proper wearing of earring and ear stud will lift up female face; or in the other way, a beautiful face will be defaced and even be vulgarized. For this reason, experts in jewelry industry advise each female who prepares wearing earring and ear stud that, regardless of your aesthetic taste or artistic accomplishment, should take into full considerations of such factors as your facial form, hair style, complexion, dress and occupation.

For females of suave character and steady style, it’s better to wear ear stud than earring; exaggerated ornamental effect of ear stud is much less than earring.