Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

The first thing to be considered is the wearer’s feature. Round face is suitable for various styles of long earring or eardrop and ear bead, except long pendant earring as well as earring with the effect of traverse extension. Slender “I” shaped eardrop brings out slender face.
Oval face is most adorable, which is nearly suitable for all patterns of earrings, particularly more elegant and charming sector eardrop and droplet eardrop.

Square-faced females may select round, button, heart and screw shaped earrings full of curves and smooth lines, or earring of exaggerated patterns, to bring out their beauty of female curves. Square face is masculine, for which exquisite, delicate and soft pattern of middle-and-small earrings should be selected. Earring should harmonize with complexion.

Females of fair complexion should wear on bright colored earrings like red, crimson or emerald; females of brown complexion should wear on earrings of soft colors like white, light blue, sky-blue or pink. Golden earring is suitable for people of all complexions. Wearing earring must harmonize with overall dressing. Bright-colored dressing matches earring in simple or similar color and luster. Overcoat matches fringe-less or big round earring, while one-piece matches fringe-less small round earring.

In various formal social occasions, such as attending banquet, wedding of celebration ceremony, high-grade earrings are first choice, such as earrings set with diamond, emerald and jewel. Also, large, fashionable and bright earrings are not suitable for the elderly for fear of loss of civility and dignity. Earrings are in left and right sides of the face, female face is most eye-catching, is it’s key to wear on earring in a decent way. It can be said that, decent wearing of earring makes female looking prettier, otherwise a pretty face will be defaced. Therefore, each female intending wearing earring, regardless of aesthetic taste and artistic accomplishment, must take full consideration of her feature, hairstyle, complexion, dressing and like factors in wearing earring.

As the earring attracts the obverser’s eyesight glancing across the whole face, most earrings are made to intensify the visual effect of widening face; for female of thin face or narrow face, earring should be her daily necessity. This type of face, together with appropriate earring, will avoid bad parts and add good parts with aesthetic effect.

Females of plumpy round face should never wear on big and round button earring, which is most likely to cause the impression of plumpy face, and two big round ornaments on left and right plumpy faces are obviously ill-looking. Females with this type of face may select pendant bead-string type of earring, i.e. many forms of jewels are chained into an earring, which causes the impression of lengthened plump face that looks more harmoniously.

Wearing earring should harmonize with dressing. It’s hard to imagine what visual effect would be shown in case of precious stone-set earring with sport suit? Obviously, it’s utterly weird and unharmonious. Mixing with bright-colored dressing will overshadow decorative effect of the earring. Thus, wearing jewel-set earring should mix with simple and elegant dressing, especially jacket.

Also, wearing earring should harmonize with age. Triangular and polygonal earrings of vivid pattern and active tint are suitable for young girls, which leave behind an image of full of youth energy; natural and decent jewel-set earrings (e.g. emerald ear stud, ruby/sapphire ear studs and the like) are suitable for middle-aged women, which help show their elegant and noble temperament. Old gold earrings are suitable for aged women in terms of steadiness and sophistication.