Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Jewelry design focuses on two different aspects by materials, of which first focus is material rarity and processing precision. For example, diamond, gem, pearl, gold and platinum jewelries are generally called hedging jewelry, which has the merit of preciousness, the material underlies the value of finished product, variation of style is in a relatively secondary position.

another jewelry design focuses on novel style and unique individuality. Due to inexpensive materials such as glass, plastic and resin are used in most cases, this type of jewelry can generally be called dressing jewelry, which has the merit of fashion; due to relatively low price, this type of jewelry is featured by exaggerated pattern, bright color and updated style. Jewelry accessories, as worldly ornaments of the essence of the heaven and the earth, are favorites from ancient times. With popularizing use of jewelry accessories and increasing aesthetic level of the public, people are focusing more on jewelry design. Jewelry design not only connotes the designer’s individual aesthetic interest and expression, but also needs to take into full account of different wearer with different jewelry. The designer’s design style is expressed on the jewelry the artistic characteristic of a nation, an era and a genre in his understanding, which represents different personality and accomplishment and fits different occasion. To start with, jewelry design should investigate and analyze the people.

For people are different from each other in terms of temperament, accomplishment and physiological traits, the designer must design the jewelry in terms of the wearer’s age, occupation, physique, complexion and temperament and taking into consideration his dressing, only in this way can the jewelry meet the requirements for individualized design. Also, jewelry design should consider the occasion, combination with seasonal dressing, the wearer’s occupation and requirement, so as to express the wearer’s traits of character, distinct temperament and taste etc; all in all, the designer should comprehensively consider all factors in his design, carry out jewelry design in terms of different conditions of the individual, integrate his own design style, and enable the jewelry to be a spokesman of individuality.

Individualized jewelry can only be created through perfect combination of both factors. In western countries of Europe and USA, artificial mimic jewelry has being popular among the users in middle class. As a result of the developing times, investment hedging function of jewelry accessories has gradually faded, and ornamentation and beautification are becoming major functions. The popularization of modern mimic jewelry, for one thing, is attributed to Chanel, a famous fashion designer, who has keen insight on masterful combination of natural jewelry and mimic jewelry with her fashionable dresses for mixed makeup. Overnight, the practice was followed by the players in fashion circle one after another, which helped increasing the standing of mimic jewelry.

For this reason, artificial mimic jewelry is also called by some as chic jewelry or fashionable jewelry. Main materials of mimic jewelry are gilding, silver-gilt foil as well as resin, plastic, glass etc. Such materials are not expensive but flexible for processing, with tremendous freedom for artistic creation and design, enable designing of unique and complicated styles, having special color effects, and easy for combining with fashionable dress. Popular jewelry is deemed as an inseparable part of dressing. Everyone has many mimic jewelries for combining with different fashionable dresses and continuous change of styles.

Due to popular jewelry exists and develops in keeping up with the trend of fashionable dress, diversified styles are the strongest lifeline of popular jewelry. Any substance in the nature, such as a tone, a green leaf or a feather, can become the source of the designer’s inspiration. The diversified styles and upgrading rate of popular jewelry is more than fashionable dress. Moreover, there is a global fever of DIY design and making of popular jewelry.

Such DIY custom-service is available with a lot of popular jewelry stores, the customers may select their favorite components of different color and structure to make jewelry of different pattern and style. With respect to jewelry function, multiple functions are focused more on popular jewelry. Multifunctional jewelries of novel style and unique creation emerge in succession in the market, for example, ear pendants can be used as earring or disassembled as earring and ear pendant: necklace can be separated from one piece to two and even three pieces, or folded around the bob. Such multifunctional jewelries are appealing for a trial without spending of much money, manifest female ingenious ideas and feel artistic taste.

Therefore, an excellent jewelry designer should have abundant imagination and creativity, understand market need, familiarize technical process for production of the jewelry, and focus on enhancing his own cultural quality and accomplishment in artistic theory. Jewelry design requires sentimental creation and rational analysis and induction. No creation can be assured without theoretical standardization and guidance. Likewise, any design short of cultural content is mere formality.