Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Titanium, in unique silver gray, performs excellently in high polishing, mercerizing or matting form, making titanium the best jewelry mental except noble metal of platinum; titanium is often used in the design of modern jewelry at home and abroad, and titanium is an internationally popular material for production of jewelry.

As for pattern design, simple and clean cutting, high design property and low-key frontier style are highly praised by young white collars. However, due to titanium demands highly on processing technique, it’s hard to forge with common equipment, and difficult to weld within common tools, thus mass production is impossible. For this reason, titanium jewelries are rare seen in domestic market, where it’s generally called titanium gold.

Titanium in metallic form has an interesting property that is not found in other metals, that its surface may change among various colors; put metallic titanium into electrified electrolyte at a given current for a given period of time, its surface will deposit one layer of oxidation film, and the thickness of oxidation film may determine color change (Caused by the principle of light refraction), no additive element is required; theoretically, titanium can color spectrum. Coloring oxidation film is harder than titanium, but free from discoloring like that of paint and dye, and it’s more excellent than electroplating in terms of higher hardness and stronger adhesion.

Metallic titanium, with varying colors, enables design of titanium jewelry in distinct style, and makes possible much larger space of color charge for the jewelry. Jewelry designer may, taking the jewelry as canvas and variable colors of titanium as palette, create colorful and individualized fashionable jewelry. The jewelry made of titanium is harder than other noble metals, and able to prevent scratching, without discoloring as that of titanium. Titanium is surgical transplant level of metal in compliance with Standard Specification for Unalloyed Titanium (ASTM-F67), products made of titanium are anti-allergic; if you’re allergic to jewelry made of meals other than titanium, then titanium jewelry is an ideal alternative.

International popularity of titanium jewelry

Titanium jewelry is an emerging new jewelry product that is known and accepted by more and more people. Thanks to many excellent properties, titanium metal is very suitable for use as processing material of jewelry; with improving processing technology, titanium jewelry was becoming popular overnight in international market since 2000.