Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Crystal is associated with some of the world’s most beautiful words, nobility, elegance, beauty and taste, all of which are embodied to perfection in crystal.Crystal, which shines in light, is one of the purest things in the world. Like soul communication among people, crystal offers all the beauty and happiness by itself. This is exactly the creative philosophy of Red Nymph, the pursuit of beauty and the embodiment of inner beauty!

Crystal jewelry is classified into precious natural crystal and artificial crystal, but both kinds of crystal can be made into beautiful jewelry by superb craftsmanship, and perfect artworks can be created out of them by skillful craftsmen. But how should we maintain such crystal artworks?

1)Do not clean crystal jewelry with fresh water, ultrasonic detergent (device), or any kind of jewelry detergent containing alcohol or those washes sold in any market other than for cleaning crystal jewelry, for fear of discoloration.

2)Avoid direct contact with fresh water, sweat, perfume, soap, hair spray, camphor balls, detergent, acid/alkali solutions containing chemical compositions, to prevent erosion to the metal part of the jewelry likely to cause oxidation, discoloration and other damage.

3)After wearing crystal jewelry, and if it’s tainted by fingerprints and dust, wipe the surface gently with soft clean fluff-free cloth. Don’t rub so hard, in order not to scratch the crystal surface, and to maintain its original gloss and durability.

4)Avoid extended exposure to moist air or direct sunlight, to prevent the metallic part of the surface from darkening due to oxidization after contacting with the air

5)Carefully keep and store in the original separate packing box as possible or a soft velvet bag. Do not overlap jewelries in one container, to avoid scratches on the crystal surface caused by collisions

6) Do not wear crystal jewelry when you sleeping, bathing, washing face, washing hands, washing dishes, swimming, during raining or intensive sports. Steam from the tub, chlorine in the swimming pool, salt in the sea and sweat in your exercise can cause erosion and discoloration to your jewelry.

7)Prevent heavy knock, otherwise the crystal will fall off easily.

8)Change your jewelry frequently and avoid wearing the same jewelry for a long time as possible. So, it’s preferable for you to have several jewelries for alternate wearing.

Proper caring and storage ensure the radiance of crystal jewelry, making their beauty last long.