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Red Nymph Jewelry

We believe many people have been suffered from the allergy caused by earring, resulting in swelling and itching. It’s disturbing to think that we desire so much a good pair of earrings and yet we have to worry about the allergy, and some girls only have to complaint. So what’s the solution? Ask Red Nymph fashion advisor.

Metal allergies are so common that there is one case in one million in the world. The most irritable metal is nickel which will cause allergic dermatitis, and swelling, itching, yellow water oozing are symptoms commonly seen. The most direct and effective way to prevent metal allergy is to cut off allergens.

First, metals like gold and silver won’t cause skin allergies themselves, but the nickel, chromium, mercury and barium contained in these precious metals will. So we need to pay extra attention to metal earrings so close to our skins. The only thing we can do is to buy the jewelry with higher percentage of precious metals, such as pure gold and 925 silver, which normally won’t cause allergies.

The second thing is that any metal earrings should be disinfected before they are to be used. Before wearing, wipe the earrings with ethyl alcohol, or directly soak them into theethyl alcohol for a few minutes. You can also coat the earrings or ears with a layer of lip balm and it’s better if we useplastic plug to the earrings so as to prevent earrings allergies. In addition, platinum is the purest metal in the world so it won’t cause allergic reactions and it will protect our skin. So if you’re allergic to other metal earrings, you should give a shot to platinum earrings.

Last but not the least,we’d better not to use nail polish to prevent earrings allergies. The most effective way to prevent allergies is to cut off the allergens; so in order to prevent allergies, some people apply colorless nail polish on the earrings which indeed will cut off the metal, but nail polish contains so many chemicals, such as acetone, ethyl acetate and acetone.Too much skin contact is harmful to us, so it is recommended that you do not take this approach.

In accordance with the said approach, Red Nymph fashion advisor can ensure that you can wear delicate and lovely earrings. Red Nymph fashion jewelry, fashionable and charming, is very popular among young people nowadays. Red Nymph earrings studs are small and exquisite that will increase your charm and present you in a unique temperament.