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//Tips for maintenance of tarnished mosaic gold jewelry

Tips for maintenance of tarnished mosaic gold jewelry

With ever-changing aesthetic concept of the people, our requirement for personal decoration is not satisfied by traditional gold, platinum and silver jewelries any longer. In recent years, mosaic gold jewelries have gradually come into our view.Mosaic gold jewelries are featured by attractive styles, not only in various bright colors, but also in patterns of different postures and expressions. Whether you’re in business suit or evening dress, you can choose a mosaic gold jewelry that matches your clothing. Wearing mosaic gold jewelry can highlight elegant temperament of the female, and mosaic gold jewelry is increasingly popular among fashionable ladies for affordable price and exquisite craftsmanship. Today, I’ll share with you several tips for cleaning and maintenance of mosaic gold jewelry.

The color of common mosaic gold jewelry is generally composed of a mixture of yellow, white and rose colors. In cleaning, you need to know certain method so as not to damage its beautiful gloss; before cleaning, prepare water container and clean water, as well as special jewelry cleaner; put mosaic gold jewelry and add cleaner in clean water, soak for 8 minutes before taking out mosaic gold jewelry, then wash mosaic gold jewelry with clean water, followed by wiping the surface of mosaic gold jewelry with clean flannel, when initial cleaning of mosaic gold jewelry is over, don’t you think it’s just so simple in cleaning mosaic gold jewelry? In fact, many other methods are effective for cleaning mosaic gold jewelry in our daily life, now we’ll reveal three tips for cleaning mosaic gold necklace, which will allow you not to worry about how to clean your mosaic gold jewelry any more.

Tip 1: Toothpaste is effective for cleaning mosaic gold jewelry; after cleaning with toothpaste, the gloss on the surface of mosaic gold jewelry is recovered. Tip 2: DIY gold ware cleaner with the mixture of baking soda, bleaching powder and clean water, soak mosaic gold jewelry in the cleaner for 2 hours before taking it out and wiping with soft cloth, this method is convenient and practical in our daily life, with noticeable effect, you might as well try it. Tip 3: A common cleaning method is put mosaic gold jewelry in warm soap water, and clean it with soft hair brush, in this way, oil stain and dust on the surface can be fully removed.

Mosaic gold jewelry brings us colorful life, match numerous clothes, so as to highlight your mental aura and unveil your unique temperament. So, mosaic gold jewelry is the best choice for beauty-pursuing ladies. We believe that, as long as we’re attentive to maintaining mosaic gold jewelry in our life, it’ll bring you unlimited charm and beauty forever.

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  1. Bob November 29, 2018 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    Best tips you describe!!! For more tips, I am waiting for your next post……
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  2. jinal November 20, 2018 at 12:59 pm - Reply

    Nice blog on tip for maintenance gold jewellery. Each point is perfect

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