Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Crystal pendants are affordable, particularly those set with single crystal. Single-crystal pendants are necklaces composed of some thick metal chains and a crystal pendant in fashionable pattern. This is the most representative pendant, and the fashionable and exquisite clover crystal symbolizes perfect happiness, which makes the wearer eye-catching.

1) Tips for Maintaining Crystal Pendants

As water would cause discoloring due to oxidation, do not wear crystal pendants when bathing at home or swimming outside. Specifically, all water-soluble materials like bath cream and liquid detergent will stick on the surface of crystal pendants and darken and even cover up their shines. In real life, the female should keep in mind to spray perfume and use hairdressing product before wearing crystal pendant while making up in the morning.

At the end of use in each time, it is better to wipe crystal pendants with clean and soft cloth, then put them in jewel box or seal them in soft bag, do not expose the necklaces in humid air or the place with direct sunshine for long time, in order to prevent crystal necklaces from discoloring and becoming not so beautiful as before. If a crystal pendant is tainted after wearing, just gently wipe it to avoid damaging the crystal by the dirt on its surface.

2) Considerations to Keep in Mind When Selecting Crystal Pendants:

1) Common Patterns of Crystal Pendants

A) Crystal pendant has many forms, such as clover, droplet, heart, star forms or mascot etc, so the female should select the ones that are most fits to their specific clothing style. Moreover, refreshing crystals are most popular in this summer, and of this type of single-crystal pendants, those in singular pattern and color are more favored by the female.

B) Crystal pendants can be divided into single-crystal pendants and multiple-crystal ones, many of which are big pendants composed of a number of small and dense miniature crystals, with glittering pendants in various design patterns, however, the buyer must carefully select to ensure each small stone is attached on the pendant firmly.

2Match Crystal Pendants with Facial Forms

A) Long face: It fits round pendants, in order to emanate unique personal charm. A round crystal pendant fits your facial form and exhibits the breath of fashion, to have your face look more pretty.

B) Oval face: Wearing a pendant with “lower edge bigger than upper edge”, with the clavicle of bosom in V-shaped curve, will set off your graceful and elegant quality.

C) Round face: Never wear round crystal pendants, excess lines are adverse to adjust visual impression of facial form; if wearing some long crystal necklaces or those with pendants, the necklaces could enhance the continuity of face and neck, which makes some change to visual length of your face.

D) Square face: Arc crystal pendants are suitable to smooth the lines of square face; a wearer with square face should select crystal pendant, which will form a pretty arc before the chest to add more attractiveness.