Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Brides are the most shining roles in the world, they’re special and charming at the wedding moment. However, we should have to talk about accessories for wedding dress, for such accessories bring forth their special beauty. Fashionable earring is the part that should not be overlooked. Facing colorful array of earring accessories, most people are dazzling and hastening in eyes, having no idea for choice: is shining earring of rare and decent type, or fresh earring of cute and lovely type, or tailor-made earring of fashionable and unique type most suitable?

These will confuse the brides too much, however, the answer is very simple, the most important factor is comfort, representing your merits, even the feeling of sweetness or nobleness, of course, taste and fitness are crucial. Followings are some tips for bride choosing stylish earring accessories that will highlight their aesthetic quality.

Match the hair

Females of waving hair are favorites to most men, who are fond of long hair, for this reason, the brides should wear on long, narrow, simple and tender earring, which will prolong body form with a touch of elegance and grace, as well as prettiness and striking impression.

The short hair brides should, however, avoid wearing earring of equal length to hair tip as possible, for long earring has the feeling of overdoing, and it might as well for them to choose an exquisite earring, which will bring out delicacy, decency, individuality and vogue.

Match the face

For brides of plump face, slender quadrate, flagelliform, link-formed, droplet, zigzag and leaf-formed earrings of pendant type are effective in terms of balancing their plump face, which will bring visual effect of more clear-cut profile of beautiful face.

For brides of oval face, longer earring accessories, with earring reaching to the chin, will make plump facial lines more masculine. Long diamond earring with tassel is recommended for unexpected taste of fashion.

Large-size pendant type earring is not recommended for females wearing glasses, instead, ear-closing earring will add elegance and prettiness for them, in strong feeling of gentlewoman with more gentleness and elegance.

Last, for brides of long face, round or plump accessories are their best choices, which will highlight their ears or neck. For example, ear-closing earring with big stones and antique earring of rich colors will bring out nobleness of brides of long face. In this case, remember not to choose long earring, for which will not only prolong your long face, but also produce a sense of ugly makeup.