Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

We all know that accessories can determine the success or failure of a piece of clothing. The right accessories can add extra color or texture to your outfit, and the wrong accessories can even make the perfect outfit look unprepared. However, this is not the worst thing a wrong accessory can do. In fact, they will make you look older – and this is not the purpose of any woman wearing clothes in the morning.

In order not to let you ruin your face and confidence, I will share with you the expert opinions of the fashion industry, so that you can maintain avant-garde fashion, but not let yourself grow old.

The best fashion is timeless,Some accessories can catch our eye every season, but that doesn’t mean they’re It suits us. as women age, it’s best to avoid overly trendy accessories, because they make people feel that they are too hard.

Keep reading to find out what mistakes you may make and what should be taken out of the closet immediately.

When you are at a certain age, you may expect some parts of your body to begin to sag, but you may not want it to happen to your ears. We are sorry to tell you this bad news – but it is likely to happen. As you age, the loss of collagen and elasticity can cause the skin to begin to relax, and your beautiful earlobe is not immune. This is a question you need to consider when choosing the next pair of earrings. Big and heavy will only pull them down to make the problem more obvious.

The earlobe is notorious for showing your age. Very heavy earrings not only attract people’s attention, but also pull the earlobe.

It turns out that too much matching is possible. It must have been a thing (remember the set of jewelry you wore at the ball?), but those days have passed – at least for those of us who are no longer in college.

Avoid wearing jewelry that perfectly matches the necklace to the earrings (or other jewelry). For those under 40, this is a “regression” for the 80s and 90s.     After the age of 40, it looks very outdated, on the contrary, mixed metal! It is modern and trendy, indicating that you are advancing with the times.

Choosing the wrong metal tones can be a major offense. Gold versus silver, while a personal choice, feeds into whether you have a warm or cool undertone. If you choose the opposite of what you have, the jewelry can add years — and sometimes even dark circles and skin unevenness.

Not sure which kind of complexion you have? This handy how-to can help you figure it out. Ladies with cool tones should opt for silver, while those with warmer complexions look better in gold.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to collect your grandmother’s brooch collection – but you may have to change the way you wear a brooch.

A woman with a brooch on her lapel will look outdated. Instead, she suggests that you use that gorgeous piece of jewelry to tie the sweater. You can still show it, but in a fashionable, not so grandma.

There is no need to pack up the heirloom-like pearls – but now it may be time to change it and make you look more fashionable.

Pearl, which has been an eternal accessory for years, has now become the “it” jewelry trend of the season, found in the runway of Chanel, rags and bones, Gucci, women who are considering wearing a chain or two, they should consider increasing The edges and a lot of styles to avoid looking like an old woman coming out of high tea.

Pair it with a shiny or metallic necklace of the same length to give your pearl a trendy contrast that adds a cool and unexpected pop to your look.

We know that those Crocs and orthopedic shoes are very comfortable, but they don’t help you. For smart, sensible shoes, some words are worth talking about, but you don’t have to sacrifice your style (and age) to avoid blisters.

Comfortable shoes don’t have to look chunky, you have other options, even if you have to stand for a long time. She recommends shoes from brands such as Aerosoles and Waldlaufer that both make your feet hurt and look stylish.

You can’t forget to put your glasses in your wallet. You need to look at it, right? But when choosing glasses, you can be more picky and away from anything that makes you look older.

Nothing makes you look older than a reading mirror in a pharmacy. My vision is changing, I am very cheap, and I am very practical, no fashion sense. With so many cheap brands, you can buy a nice frame with a small amount of money.

Everything has a fixed time and place, but unless you are wearing a costume, the sequins should be kept to a minimum after you reach the legal drinking age.

A piece of jewelry with sequins, if used properly, will produce a magical effect, although she likes sequin jewelry very much, but even she will recommend it a small amount. Wear only one piece of sequins per garment to avoid looking older and more outdated.

There is a difference between retro clothing and real vintage clothing. Although our past costumes have suddenly become popular, it is much safer to buy an upgraded version of your favorite retro style than to take out an old outfit from the closet.

Although you may like the clothes in the closet 20 years ago, the tailoring of the clothes will change over time. Away from the boxy clothes, polyester, soft flowers and bell-bottoms, it is obvious that these clothes have been worn for decades (no matter how much you care about them), you show them and make you grow old.

Women of any age should be able to go out and enjoy a relaxing manicure, but when asked to make the final nail, you may want to lower its tone.

Over-designed nails should be reserved for girls in their teens and early twenties, and they will get too much attention on your hands – a place where women often show their age.

These are all interesting looking and admiring a young woman. But too many bright colors and claw-shaped nails will make your hands look old and ugly.

The big gold earrings remind people of the days of the neon windbreakers of the 1990s – although they are interesting, they don’t fit the modern style we see today, and they draw attention in a slightly outdated way.

Despite the advice of these fashion experts, what you wear depends on you and how your clothes feel. Personally, I don’t pay attention to age dress. I never want to look any age. I just want to look beautiful.