Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

When magazines and TV commercials are flooded with things we should buy, in order to make our loved ones feel special this Christmas, there is nothing better than jewelry under the Christmas tree. I have 5 special suggestions that can help you find the right jewelry.

Screw jewelry trend, choose the one you love really likes!

So I am a true trend observer and I like to see all trends. This is a cultural phenomenon that far exceeds people’s guesses. But when we buy personal items, trends are not the basis for our decision. For some people, this may be important, but don’t worry. Do something she or he really likes. Even if it is not that fashionable. Do something that makes them feel like you recognize who they are. After all, we all love to be seen and accepted as for who we really are. If this can be reflected in your jewelry gift, that would be great.

Christmas is about love, not about gifts, so don’t spend too much!

I can’t even understand how people are in debt for Christmas gifts. I mean, this is crazy and has nothing to do with love or Christmas. This is just unwise.

Before you go to a jewelry store or buy online, determine how much you want to spend based on your realistic view of your financial situation. If 10,000 euros is not a big deal, then spending that much money on a beautiful piece of jewelry is also a treat. If your budget is 100 Euros or less, there are still plenty of jewelry options. Choose what suits your loved one. You can also choose one of a set of clothes. This kind of clothing allows you to complete a suit on another occasion. Choosing fashion jewelry, I mean, really… there are enough beautiful things to choose from! Please go to Red Nymph Fashion Jewelry

Investigate, ask questions, figure out what she or he wants!

If your lover tells you what she or he likes, it’s a piece of cake. But usually, people are often not so clear. Deciding which gift she really wants depends on your ability. Women have a strange habit of not saying what they really want. Or they are passionate about something, then when the boyfriend/husband comes along to see it, they turn suddenly into a modest mumbling woman, that would settle for something less. Don’t be fooled. This is an act. Hahaha, I observe it too often! This is very attractive, until the man takes it seriously, you observe a slight panic or frustration, and again, he does not really listen to her! Yes, men…women Sometimes it can be a bit complicated. Investigate what a person really likes. What is important to them and why. So you know why she wants it. what does this mean. If you don’t know how to start a conversation less obviously, you can try some subtle methods, such as telling a friend or colleague what jewelry you bought. It may start a conversation, and you need to steer it in the right direction!

Buy jewelry and symbolic items

I can’t say it clearly, but if you’re not sure what he or she likes, use symbolism. Mark important events, moments, characteristics, or the like. I gave the little silver key to my dear friends who have fought to open a new door to life. A key can perfectly reflect that moment. Some people finally decide to learn what they have always wanted but were not allowed to learn. Some people survived from cancer, or took care of family, work and school at the same time during a busy year, or moved to another town. The heart shape is the ultimate symbol, but a feather, a compass or a golf ball, a horse, a boat, a cupid… There is always something. Choose jewelry with the personal logo of the person you love.

A friendship bracelet is also a good idea. Such as Red Nymph Bracelets, exquisite, elegant, and even personalized!

The art of telling stories and truly giving gifts

No matter what you choose to buy now, be sure to tell a good story! You can use cards, gestures, or even on the spot when you give a gift. When you tell the story of why you chose to give this piece of jewelry, precious gifts like jewelry become more precious. Maybe you would rather tell her or him something you really admire. If something happened recently in their lives, tell the story and bring the audience into a story to tell them why this happened.

Not only do we all like to listen to stories, but there is nothing more beautiful than listening to the “why”. Why would you receive a special jewelry or watch. Why are we loved, seen, praised, supported, etc. This is scary, you may feel a little exposed or uncomfortable, but believe me, it will only increase the charm of doing this. Make the receiver of the gift, your star and you both will enjoy your gift more!