All research on French women’s jewelry shows that it is usually delicate and understated. My audience in the latest round also confirmed this.

No matter where we travel in France, I don’t see a lot of what I call theater, creativity or costume jewelry. But I did see a lot of delicate chains and earrings, as well as classic watches. Interestingly, silver bracelets are also popular-but only if all other accessories are silver. I didn’t see much mixed metal.

Beautifully made jewelry is very popular in France. Pieces and pieces of delicate rings, bracelets and chains settled the deal.

If you think about it, this Frenchman’s love of fine, light jewelry makes sense. This style of jewelry complements their usually slim body shape and skeletal structure. It fits perfectly with their elegant, iconic style and usually includes a scarf. Scarves eliminate the need to wear necklaces and earrings almost immediately.

Now I want to say. This look is not for everyone. Some people find it boring to wear such clothes every day. Similarly, many women like bold, colorful accessories, and an exaggerated necklace or earring can really take a suit to another level. But if you want to choose jewelry with the confidence and style of a French woman, then follow our instructions.

French women’s jewelry selection rules:

Choose Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum / Silver. You can make decisions based on personal preferences, or you can make decisions based on your skin tone. Generally speaking, the “gold” is complementary to the warm color, while the “silver” is suitable for the cool color.

Consider your bone structure. For example, if you happen to be small, you might choose particularly good clothes. Those of us with larger skeletons can choose stronger clothes.

Don’t be afraid to choose individual jewelry. Wearing fine jewelry is not necessarily boring. Precious and semi-precious stones can add color and charm, and metal products can add movement.

When it comes to earrings, choose earrings. Think of pearls or diamonds (genuine or fake). Or you can match some interesting shapes. Just keep them the same size as your other jewelry.

Choose what you really like. Considering that you often wear this jewelry, it really helps to worship it. You’d better wait and find the one that works best for you, instead of picking up some “OK” stuff.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that “good” jewelry must be very expensive. When you keep an open mind and are ready to look for it, there will be many works you can afford.

Do you like fine jewelry like French women? Maybe you prefer something eye-catching. Or you are a very fashionable woman in my life, she perfectly combines delicate gold jewelry and bold necklaces.