What makes sterling silver a good material for jewelry? There are some features that make it such an attractive material for jewelers and designers.

Durable and lightweight

The added metal in sterling silver makes it an incredibly durable material – it’s even harder than gold. In addition to its light weight, this quality makes it an ideal choice for jewelry that will be worn everyday or often. The following is a brief description of the durability of sterling silver and the four most common jewels – necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Necklaces: In the necklaces, sterling silver provides a sturdy material that won’t be easily scratched or dented. The sterling silver necklace is very light and can be worn all day long and is also very durable and will not wear out.

Earrings: Nothing is more frustrating than the new earrings. Sterling silver earrings are elegant, durable and not easily bent.

Bracelets: Whether you like stacked bracelets, bracelets or complex cuffs, a tasteful bracelet adds charm to your wardrobe – but if your bracelet is bent or sunken, the attraction will quickly disappear. Fortunately, the durability of sterling silver creates a strong bracelet that resists bending and scratching, so you can wear them all day without worry.

Rings: When we wear a ring, we need them to keep it everyday. The sterling silver ring is sturdy and lightweight, and will not be deformed even if worn all day.

If done properly, sterling silver jewelry can be used for a lifetime, bringing decades of beauty to your collection.


Sterling silver is an affordable, practical metal, which means it gives jewelers and designers greater artistic freedom. They can try new styles and keep up with the latest trends – whether you are looking for a compelling piece of jewelry or a sophisticated jewelry, you will definitely find some sterling silver jewelry that suits your style.

Sweet pendants, rotating rings, unique charm necklaces and exquisite cuffs are just a few of the thousands of sterling silver options. Because sterling silver is easy to obtain and use, many jewelers will design custom jewelry according to your specific requirements. Sterling silver allows you to create the jewels you’ve always dreamed of without exceeding your budget.

 Very easy to care

A piece of sterling silver jewelry does not mean it will fade. Sterling silver can be easily applied or plated with an anti-tarnish agent, giving it an additional advantage in terms of wear resistance.

Sterling silver is easy to polish or coat with enamel, which makes it resistant to corrosion and gives it a cute, high-gloss finish. While rhodium-finished  products require extra work to resize or rework, adding a jacket is worth it if you don’t want to worry about tarnishing. Some jewelers will plate sterling silver on sterling silver. This extra layer of silver can help jewelry prevent rust and increase the brightness of jewelry.