Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Male accessories are fewer and better than female ones, but male accessories are more practical, thus wearing of accessories should conform more to etiquette norm.

(1) Leather waist belt. The materials of waist belt are leather (Inc. sheepskin, cowhide, buckskin), plastic, metal and artificial leather. To match the color of waist belt and trousers, same color, similar colors and contract colors are optional, depending on personal feature. In general, black belt fits any dress. A belt of superior quality, liberal pattern and novel design helps add male demeanor and temperament.

(2) Briefcase. In general, briefcase adaptive to formal occasion is in good material and fine workmanship. Briefcase adaptive to frequent business trip or office work should be practical. For briefcase especially for use during outing, tour or similar occasion, durable briefcase in large volume should be preferred. Moreover, keep in mind not to show off, not to use too many briefcases, do not stuff the briefcase disorderly; do not misplace the briefcase during indoor activity.

(3) Wallet and name card holder. Wallet is an important personal belonging for a male, which includes leather and artificial leather wallets. Male of high social standing should better have a leather wallet, and wallet in dark coffee and black colors reminds of luxury. Do not overstuff the wallet. Name card holder for holding name cards should better be made of leather, and metallic holder is the second choice.

(4) Watch and pen. Watch, fountain pen with a gold nib and lighter are considered as three male accessories in the west, and deemed as a symbol of status. Male should carry with him a pen and a pencil during business activity or social activity. A fountain pen with a gold nib is the best choice for formal occasion, which can be put in the briefcase or inner pocket of jacket, and should not put together with the ornament outside left chest of jacket.

(5) Glasses. In selecting glasses, full consideration should be given to stature, facial feature and skin color.

(6) The most commonly used male accessories are tie pin and shirt button of suit and badge on the collar. Right ornament will make solemn suit lively.