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Red Nymph Jewelry

  1. Wear with confidence

do you want to know the greatest style secret known to man?

Wearing a ring for the first time will feel a little odd. You’ll feel its weight and that can be uncomfortable for someone just toe-dipping in the jewelry pool.

Opt for a lightweight ring to begin with. Try a band around 8mm (5/16”) and see how it feels.

At the end of the day, confidence is what makes your ring look its best. If you’re worried that you’ll walk around with your hands in your pockets all day… maybe a ring isn’t for you.

  1. Go for comfort

Comfort and confidence go hand in hand. It’s tough feeling confident if your wrists hurt from overcrowded finger bling.

1)  Which hand do you work with?

2)  Do you shake hands a lot?

3)Do you have to type all day?

4) Does your work or school require you to look a certain way?

Answering these questions will help you decide how many rings you need and how large they should be. You can always save the dramatic stuff for a night out and stick to simple, smaller pieces during the day.

Which hand should you wear a ring on?

While there are many opinions on the subject, there aren’t any definite rules. The exception is with your wedding ring – in Denmark, it’s traditionally worn on the ring finger of your left hand. Although, a quick poll of our office proves this isn’t always the case! A prime example that going for comfort is more important than tradition.

  1. Match metals & skin tone

Style influencer suggests picking one color of metal and building around that. To keep my look on point, I make sure the rings match my necklace or bracelets. I don’t mix silver and gold, but I will wear black and gold or black and silver.

The main reason for wearing metals that match is to keep your look clean and uncluttered. That being said, we’ve seen socks and sandals grow from the dad-only category to mainstream acceptance (thanks, Beckham) – so who says rules are meant to be broken.

Wearing 1 ring with both metals (silver- and gold-toned) gives you permission to choose any color for your other rings, bracelet or watch. It makes your choice look deliberate instead of like you got dressed in the dark.

Speaking of dark (or light)… matching metals to your skin tone is another way to make sure your jewelry isn’t distracting and that your final look is as polished as possible

How do you determine your skin tone

Stop what you’re doing and look at the veins on the inside of your wrist.

What color are they? If they appear blue, you have a cool skin tone. If they appear green, you have a warmer skin tone.


Cool Skin Tone: Rings made of silver, silver-tone steel, platinum and Titanium work well.

Warm Skin Tone: Rings made from gold, gold-tone steel, rose-gold and brass will complement nicely.

Looking for a man’s ring with a gemstone? Check out red, blue, purple and green for cooler skin tones. And orange, brown, yellow or turquoise for warmer tones.

  1. Keep it simple or Don’t

If you’re just starting out with men’s rings, remember that less is more. Unless you know you have the confidence (and comfort level) to rock a handful of man bling, opt for 1 or 2 pieces and build from there. Concentrate on one hand and wear your rings on fingers that aren’t touching.

Fashion influencer, suggests, “I have 3 rings that I wear daily. I put 2 on one hand – any more than that and it makes my hand look too heavy – and 1 on the other. When you do wear more than 1 ring, choose pieces that are similar in style or color.”

A great ‘starter’ ring is the signet ring. Slip one on your ring finger and you’re done. Put the signet ring on the opposite hand when wearing it with a wedding band.

Focus on balance

It all comes down to visual weight. It’s important that your look is not symmetrical, but that one side is slightly visually heavier than the other.

Do you wear a wedding ring and watch on one hand? Then add 2 rings on the other. The idea is to not have both hands/wrists look equally adorned.

If you only want 1 extra ring (besides your wedding ring), play around with how it looks on the opposite hand. It may work better on the same side as your wedding band. The mirror will be your best friend here. Your best friend will also be your mirror – don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Balance also applies to the actual size of the rings. If you’re working with stubby digits, a larger ring will look proportional – vice versa if you’re scrolling with long, thin fingers.

Your ring will tell a story

From a simple ceramic band to a steel monkey skull ring, the ring you choose will say something about you.

Wearing and styling rings is a lifestyle. Sometimes guys, like myself, are hesitant about wearing jewelry because we have a hard time accessorising. We only think about the wedding ring… but hey, you can put on any ring you want.

I wear rings because I want to, not because of tradition or trends. Like any accessory, if you instinctively like it, you’ll wear it well – no second thoughts. You’ll see the one that expresses your character and you’ll just know that it’s the one to help tell your story.

Expressing your story is about taking that first step. Use our tips as a guideline, but if you want to mix metals, toss visual weight out the door and totally disregard skin tone… you are allowed to do that.

It’s your story. And with confidence, you can rock anything.