Do you like decorative beautiful jewelry? Is fashion an area where you thrive? Do you have the talent to create unique jewelry? Do you like to make beautiful things by yourself?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, selling jewelry at home can be a good way to bring in extra income.

There are three legal ways to turn your love for jewelry into profit.

Create and sell your own jewelry

If you are crafty and you like to make jewelry, you can start your own business around your product.

Providing your product to customers before a website like eBay is a challenge. It usually involves setting up booths at craft fairs and supplier shows, trying to build a brand in the local market and hoping to get recommendations from previous customers.

However, you don’t have to run that display circuit anymore (unless you want to run it, and many people think it’s fun!) Instead, you can start a business in a comfortable home by following these steps:

Decide what makes your business unique. There are a large number of jewelry sellers available for consumers to choose from, so you have to stand out. What is special about your business? Do all of your products use fair trade ingredients? Are you the cheapest in the neighborhood? What sets you apart is your “unique sales proposition” – use it to build you s brand!

Know what your profit margin is. If you are not careful, selling your jewelry will actually lose money. Make sure you calculate the cost of all the materials, your labor costs (your time should not be free!), shipping costs and any sales expenses. Then use this information to price your product so you can stay profitable.

Decide where to sell your jewelry. You have a choice to sell. You can create your own website and market it directly to consumers. Other options include creating a seller profile on eBay or similar online markets. Then you can sell your product there. Be sure to read the rules carefully so that you will understand what your expenses are.

Make your jewelry. Everything must be done best. Remember, your product and customer service is your reputation and you want it to be a good reputation. The more people like your job, the more likely they are to buy more or introduce you to a friend.

Take a beautiful photo. Remember this sentence? This is especially true on the Internet, because people can’t pick up your jewelry to check it. Take high quality photos of all products sold. Think about what you want to see before buying and make sure you capture all relevant angles. You can take great photos with a new smartphone, and there are many tutorials available on the web.

Spend time on product descriptions. What do your buyers want to know about your work? Provide the information they want in the product description. Don’t take shortcuts or your sales will be affected. Includes basic information and every great description. If you list your necklace online, it would be helpful to think about the phrases people might use to find your necklace and use it in your article.

start selling. Even if you have the most incredible bid, you can’t expect buyers to appear directly. You have to tell your business. To market your product, consider using Instagram and Facebook, or any other social media platform that your ideal buyer often visits. For jewellery, Pinterest is another great choice!

Collect comments and letters of recommendation. When customers buy your product, encourage them to leave a comment on your work. If someone sends you a warm comment email, ask for his consent and use it as proof. This is the so-called social proof, which is important to improve your sales.

Join the jewelry direct sales company

Making your own jewelry is not a necessary condition for sales. There are a lot of jewelry companies you can join, and I like direct sales as a choice for working from home. If you like to sell and like to work with people, this is a great opportunity for you.

There are quite a few jewellery companies you can join, so check out the stock before picking. If you are not crazy about what you see, there is still a lot to see! Stella & Dot, Paparazzi, Red Nymph and Origami Owl are now very popular. I think “The Trading of Hope” is really interesting because it has a more unique bohemian style.

Make sure you read all the rules, see what’s included in the Starter Kit, and understand any compensation plans you’re considering. This way you have a clear expectation.

The key to direct sales success is to find a product that you absolutely like to share. It’s all about sharing what is great!

Become an Affiliate Marketer for Established Companies

If you already have an online presence, you can add additional revenue streams to sell jewelry as a subordinate marketing.

You’d need to sign up as an affiliate for the companies you’re interested in.

Then you start telling others through blog posts or explosions on social media. If someone clicks on your link to make a purchase, you will get a commission. If the person you recommend is also a member, some companies even offer referral bonuses.

The terms and conditions of affiliates varies greatly by company, so be sure to read all the details. You want to know the percentage of the commission you will receive and the time the cookie was used. Some websites also have restrictions, where you can promote your affiliate links, so check out all the rules before you start posting your links. Like Red Nymph Affiliate Program, the solution is very good, the method of joining is simple, the commission is high, the product design is fashionable, the quality is good, and it is easy to attract consumers to buy. The promotion link has a long validity period.

These are just some of the good ways to make money at home selling jewelry. Use your imagination and follow your passion!