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A bracelet is a stylish men’s accessory that adorns the wrist. Its history goes far back in time, in the days of ancient Egypt. Back then, bracelets made of metal or leather were worn by both men and women. It was believed that they protected their owners from evil spirits, reinforced their health, and added strength. Bracelets remained popular through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and today they are one of the most in-demand man’s jewelry pieces. Like any accessory, a bracelet is a way of self-expression. It reflects your sense of taste and style, so purchasing a right-for-you bracelet is a serious matter.

Never before have men had such unlimited possibilities for experimenting with wrist accessories. However, the wider the choice, the greater is the responsibility. You should know what materials and models are on-point for your lifestyle and personality.

The Most Popular Models Of Men’s Bracelets

Fashion is fickle so every year designers roll out many trendy bracelets that are in vogue for the current season. Here, at Rednymph online Shop, we believe that real men’s bracelets should be if not conservative then, at least, more timeless. Therefore, we offer foolproof models of men’s silver bracelets that won’t go out of fashion for a long time.

Silver Chain Bracelet Without Inserts

What to look for: An item in the form of a wide chain made of 925 sterling silver. A noteworthy option is a model that combines two metals, for example, gold and silver.

What it says about you: It implies a certain conservatism and loyalty to traditions, confidence, and stability. Most likely, you are a good friend and a family man. You love home comfort and hardly accept dramatic changes in life.

It goes well with: You can pair such a chain bracelet with rings made of the same metal.

Silver Bracelet with Inserts

What to look for: Glider bracelet with square or rectangular elements, decorated with black enamel, black or clear stones, or without any decoration at all.

What it says about you: These cuff bracelets are usually chosen by solid people, strong professionals, and good organizers. If you are disciplined, ambitious or even a little authoritarian person who wants to add a little zest to your look, a glider silver men’s bracelet is the pick of the bunch.

It goes well with: if you want to add a dash of quirk to the casual look, perhaps you should restrain yourself from going over the top and using too many accessories. Let such a prominent accessory be the only accent in your look.

Massive Silver Chain Bracelet

What to look for: a slick, concise, wide, and solid Cuban bracelet.

What it says about you: It reveals you as a man who maintains the balance between classic and modern. It allows you to look neat and laid-back at the same time. You observe rules but value your freedom.

It goes well with: If you wear a silver bracelet, especially a massive one, your other accessories, from a belt buckle to rings, should have the same color and style cohesiveness.

How to wear a men’s bracelet

Before you buy a silver bracelet, you should determine what you expect from this accessory. Will it be an everyday piece of jewelry that you won’t take off for months? Then it should be compatible with your wardrobe. Or maybe you want to buy a themed bracelet for a special occasion or for a certain mood? In this case, you are free to choose any item that catches your eye.

There are several rules of good taste you should follow when you sport a silver bracelet. Let’s take a look at them.

Leather Bracelet

What to look for: high-quality strong lace made of black or brown leather. With sparkling silver ornamentation, leather acquires matte elegance and can harmoniously complement any clothing.

What it says about you: You do not wait till happy and success fall into your lap. You always take the bull by the horns.

It goes well with: Such a dragon bracelet can be combined with a leather necklace, dim woven cords, and basically any watch.

Bead Bracelet

What to look for: Bead bracelets can be made of various materials (wood, semi-precious stones, gems) but we encourage you to check this awesome black onyx bracelet out!

What it says about you: You love nature, lead a healthy lifestyle, and you are a down-to-earth person. You make an impression of a wholesome person who has his own opinion about everything in the world.

It goes well with: Bead bracelets are perfectly combined with similar items, so feel free to wear several bracelets on the same hand. You can add a pair of leather items as well.

How to choose a bracelet for various sleeve lengths?

If you prefer an informal or casual style and often wear T-shirts, short sleeve shirts, or like rolling up sleeves, you can pick any model you like and it will blend well with your style. When it comes to business style apparel, a bracelet should fit tightly to the wrist. The best option is a hand piece that is covered with a shirt cuff when your hands are down. In this case, some models just won’t work (loose chains, thick bracelets with protruding elements, etc). Wearing a bracelet on top of a sleeve is a no-go.

Bracelets and Your Personal Style

As we have already mentioned, a bracelet shouldn’t peep out from under a business suit. Men who comply with a strict dress code can opt for products made of silver or leather. They should tightly sit around the wrist, feature low-key design, and have discreet colors.

If casual clothes dominate in your wardrobe, you can display your bracelet in plain sight. You are able to rock a massive model, or a commanding one, or both :) You may opt for kick-ass rocker or biker bracelets or twisted cords of genuine leather.

Silver and steel bracelets are versatile items. These accessories will make a good match with both business and sports outfits. They are practical, stylish, and able to man up every look. However, if such items are embellished with engraving or stones, it’s best to leave them for special occasions because all these bells and whistles will look inappropriate with a formal dress code.

Follow the Trends

This year’s trend is accessories crafted from natural minerals. Red nymph team is extremely happy to show off what we’ve got because natural materials are our forte. Our catalogs are bristling with knockout 925 sterling silver items, bracelets made of genuine leather, and jewelry with precious and semi-precious stone inlays. We meticulously choose materials to ensure our products look fantastic after years of wearing. Our artisans craft every single item by hand that’s why we can guarantee the best in class quality.

If you’re not a fan of silver jewelry you have a wide choice of leather bracelets. Leather items are evergreen classic that takes on a new meaning when combined with striking designs. Leather is the most ancient material that our distant ancestors used to adorn their bodies. It embodies the strength and courage and it will always remain relevant regardless of up-to-the-minute trends.

Can I combine a bracelet with a watch?

Modern fashion allows pairing watch with bracelets on the same hand; however, they must be compatible design-wise. Choose bracelet models that are thinner than a watch strap. It is a great idea to match the materials. For example, leather elements of a bracelet will blend well with a leather watch strap. If your watch has a metal strap, its best to choose an accessory with metal decorative inlays of the same metal. Make sure the colors of the metal elements coincide. As an option, you can complement a watch featuring a black leather strap with a black onyx bead bracelet.

Please note that metal bracelets can damage the surface of your watch. You can avoid such trouble and keep your accessory safe and sound by wear adding a ‘protective’ leather bracelet to the ensemble. The leather bracelet should be placed between the watch and the metal bracelet. By wearing accessories in such a sequence, you can freely experiment with your style without unpleasant consequences.

How to mix bracelets with other accessories

Don’t go over the top with accessorizing. A full set of men’s jewelry items (necklace, tie clip, cufflinks, ring, watch, etc.) will look inappropriate for an everyday look. Your image will seem refine if you wear no more than 2-3 items. If you are going to combine several bracelets for a more relaxed look, pay attention to their compatibility. Accessories made from the same material or matched in color will look more aesthetically pleasing than a motley hodgepodge.

Now you know how to rock men’s silver bracelets to look stylish. If you are looking for an astounding bracelet to complete your look, check our inventory out. We supply an enormous range of silver and leather bracelets with daring designs created for bold and grounded men.