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Red Nymph Jewelry

Crystal pendant has many categories, most of which are designed with cute patterns and different colors. People have different requirements for the jewelry in spring, summer, autumn and winter, so is the case for crystal pendants. Today, Red Nymph’s fashion adviser will introduce to you the tips of selecting different crystal pendants for different seasons, in the hope of helping you in this respect.

Crystal pendants for spring: Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, in which everything thrives and our clothing changes. Thus jewelry like opal, emerald, jade, malachite, kallaite, topaz and amethyst pendants is the most suitable choice. Sure, we can select different colors of crystal pendants that represent different breath of life in spring.

Crystal pendants for summer: Summer is very hot, in which the female turns to put on thin and graceful clothes, so light and simple crystal pendants should be the most suitable for summer. Of course, light colors, mainly of cool and elegant ones, are best choice. In summer, small and exquisite crystal pendants are preferred for the wearers, which arouse their feeling of coolness in the heat.

Crystal pendants for autumn: Autumn is a harvest season, in which the world lookslike shining gold, so the female starts to thicken their clothes, when it’s better for crystal pendants to bring out a touch of maturity and modesty. In autumn, mustard yellow, golden yellow, dark green crystal pendants and those in various bright colors are the most suitable for the wearers, in that they match the season of autumn while unveil the female’s unique charm.

Crystal pendants for winter: Winter features bitter cold in north wind, chillness and the earth covered by snowflakes, when we should select jewelry in bright and warm colors for ornaments. So, crystal pendants in rich and bright colors, particularly of warm colors such as bright red, emerald green and golden yellow, are preferred for the wearers. However, wearing crystal pendants in winter must create a sense of volume and firmness.