Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Nothing matches a whole outfit better than a good piece of jewelry. However, sometimes it is difficult to find the right accessories. But you can solve this problem by designing your own piece of eye-catching jewelry. You can start from scratch or redo one. We want to share some of our experience:

First you can browse websites and jewelry stores for inspiration. When you design jewelry at home, you need some inspiration before you start drawing. Browse jewelry online or go to your local craft store or craft show to choose a solution. Maybe a pendant or gem will catch your eye. Once you have inspiration, it’s easy to start designing your jewelry.

When you start designing a sketch, if you are not sure where to start, try to draw the basic shapes and then start decorating them. If you’re still lost, try to draw a few sketches in five minutes or so. This may result in a design that you might not expect. To start designing jewelry on paper, you need blank paper and pencils. You can buy it at a nearby craft store or even a local bookstore. Browse through the selected sketchbooks until you find one that inspires your creativity and helps you feel the power of design. When you sketch your work, mark each part of the design with the materials you will be using. For example, if you are drawing a red plastic bead, mark it on your design. Although you look time consuming now, you might help you remember what you drew.

The choice of color is an important step in jewelry design. If you like bright, vibrant colors, you will want to incorporate it into your design. If you like metallic finishes, you can also use metallic colors in your designs. Designing your own jewelry gives you the freedom to experiment and create anything you can think of and your favorite! Consider contrasting shades of light, contrasting colors. It is best to use 3-5 adjacent colors to create a harmony. You can also try to match the two colors on the palette.

The shape design of the jewelry is also very important. As you sketch, think about the shape you want to create. Maybe you want to add a rectangle or zigzag to your design. Maybe you like spheres or circles and like to deal with circles. Consider matching the shape of the entire piece to the shape of the beads or jewelry.

For example, you can make a round bracelet from round beads. You can also hang a heavy, narrow bead straight from the light chain, which will create a sharp triangle ending at a point.

Consider negative space. Think of hoop earrings: the hollowness of the ring accentuates the contours of the wearer’s jaw. Think about what frame your jewelry will be in.

 Don’t forget wearability. It’s easy to get carried away by your design and end up with something too heavy or jagged for comfort. Think about the weight of your jewelry, and consider what it will hang from. For instance, a heavy necklace that drapes around your shoulders will be less painful than heavy earrings suspended from your earlobes. Similarly, jagged metal earrings are unlikely to hurt you, as they hang away from your face, but a spiky necklace could end up pricking your skin.

We also recommend that you browse through the supplies for inspiration. You can collect jewelry items such as beads, chains, buttons, ropes, etc. at the craft store in your area. You can get inspiration from the materials at hand. Having these materials can also help inspire you when you are sketching your ideas.

The above are just some of our rough experiences. If you have any question or fresh ideas, we are very willing to discuss with you.