When you hear the “Pearl Necklace”, you usually think of a classic pearl necklace. These look a bit traditional, but pearl necklaces are more diverse than you might think. There are many ways to rethink a pearl necklace. Try pearl, pearl length and pearl style to find a necklace that will enhance your image.
Find the right length
If you like classic necklaces, then you can choose the perfect pearl necklace based on length. Different lengths are available for different occasions and different body types.

Length of pearl necklace
Necklace necklaces or princess long necklaces look cool and are easy to wear with a lace top or a plaid top. You can wear this dress on formal occasions, or you can wear a casual top and jeans.
Red Valley Cultured Pearl Necklace
Choose the length of the pearl necklace based on your size and style. See here.
The field (22-24 inches) is the length between formal and casual. If you want to wear a pearl necklace to the office, this necklace is suitable for a suit or overalls.
However, if you want to get yourself into trouble, buy a necklace of opera length. These are usually more than 30 inches long. The secret to wearing an opera-style pearl necklace is to match your body to the length of the necklace. Especially the chest, ladies.
If you are fat, a too short opera necklace will make you look shorter. A length of 36 inches or more can lengthen your figure and give you the illusion that you are a little taller than others.
In this area, if a woman is more petite, the best opera length necklace is 30 inches; a little longer clothes will be too long for you. You can also layer the length of the opera to create a multi-strand necklace that is suitable for daytime wear. Make a necklace, but there are two very different looks.

Choose your pearl size and shape
The size of the pearl necklace is just another way, you can style a pearl necklace to suit your outfit and look.
The grading size is very cool, and when you think about the way natural pearls are made and cultivated, these must be chosen very carefully in their size and shape. From the near and far, the angle of the pearl necklace is different, and the scale pearl can lengthen the body.
Adjusting the size of the pearl is just one way to change this classic jewel, but you can also choose a large pearl necklace instead of a lot.
Oversized pearls are ideal if you are looking for something more sculptural because they serve as a single stone long pendant necklace or as a statement stone necklace.
Pearls do not have to be spherical, they can be oval and organic; these pearls are called Baroque pearls and conch pearls. The natural asymmetry of these pearls links their shape and creation to the sea.
Conch pearls are natural oval pink pearls with a glossy appearance and luster throughout the stone. The natural formation of these pink pearls makes them very rare and coveted.
Choose pearl color
Pearls come in many shapes and sizes, but their colors are unexpected to you; they include pink, black and gold.
Even white pearls look great. Some necklaces are yellow or gray, which means you can choose a pearl necklace to set off your skin tone and existing jewelry.

If you have a warm complexion, then pearls with yellow, brown, ivory or champagne are your best friends. Usually, people with a warmer skin tone prefer golden yellow.
If your skin color is cool, then silver-white jewellery is more likely to be your first choice. In this case, the luster of gray, white, metallic and blue will complement the cool color of the silver; think of anything that looks a bit icey.

Not your grandmother’s pearl necklace

If you are still thinking:
It’s good, but the pearl is too ladylike, not in my taste, and there are many pearl necklaces that break all the rules. This style of pearl necklace is significantly different from the necklace you usually wear.
As pearl necklaces become more and more playful and avant-garde, they incorporate unusual cuts and decorations such as spikes and shark teeth.
The mother-of-pearl flat plate is another way to wear a pearl necklace without wearing a string of pearls. This is a trend, and every year more and more designers use flat pearls to create compelling, contemporary twists and turns, and such classic gems are becoming more and more popular.
The beauty of pearl necklaces is that you can wear them on any occasion.