Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

PANDORA jewelry is very popular among young women in western countries, with many things well worth learning and thinking for the development of Red Nymph,which we’ll make a tentative analysis today.

First, PANDORA’s brand positioning is high-quality jewelry at fair price, that each jewel, gem and pearl go through multiple inspections before use, and that each jewelry finished with handworkis inspected again and again before leaving the craftsman’s hand.

In 2013, PANDORA changed its marketing strategy from launching new products twice a year to seven times a year, in order to meet the customer need, cater the tendency of jewelry design, focusing especially on important gift-giving season and occasion. PANDORA jewelry continues to release new designs to allow the customers updating their jewelry collection with more jewelry. Seven new releases a year allow PANDORA to contact with brand supporters.

Fundamental idea of PANDORA brand is to allow the female creating mixture style of jewelry with fingering, earring, necklace,stringed accessory and bracelet suitable for their personal character. The female may choose from PANDORA jewelry series of diverse mixtures the patterns finished with various materials, colors, setting techniques, design details and handcrafts, further, they have access to design programs for bracelet and fingering on PANDORA’s official website, in order to create the style of jewelry of their own.

Stringed Accessory & Bracelet

Stringed accessory and bracelet are key products of PANDORA brand, comprising of two different series. PANDORA’s classic MOMENTS bracelet concept was released in 2000, by which the female may have a mixture of patterns from their favorite colors, themes, memory, occasions or symbols. PANDORA bracelet has unique patented function and choices of 14k gold, 925 sterling silver and leather, setting with various themed stringed accessories such as colored glaze and enamels, 14k gold and 925 sterling silver in different tints and shades, to bring about more than 700 colorful and adorable patterns.

Released in 2013, jewelry concept of PANDORA ESSENCE series is to endow stringed accessory with diversified individual values, meanings and unique characters, such as wisdom, courage, love and trust. This concept is based on survey report on up to one thousand female respondents from around the world. Jewelries finished with handwork are released for PANDORA ESSENCE series, including 14k gold, 925 sterling silver or gold-silver bracelets for children and adults, smooth or bead-shaped 925 sterling silver bracelets and necklaces, mixing with stringed accessories of different implications and engraving special meanings. The female may choose or have them to be presented with stringed accessories that could best reflect their inner feeling.

Finger Ring

PANDORA finger rings consist of many patterns and types, including eternity series, memory series, sparkling single-diamond series, birthday water-drop series, cocktail party series and combination of above, to enable multiple possibilities and patterns suitable for various occasions for the female. PANDORA finger rings are made with 14k gold, 925 sterling silver as well as various zircons and pearls in different tints and shades. Most PANDORA finger rings are easily match-able, and suitable for mixing with other finger rings or original series.

Necklace, Pendant & Earring

PANDORA necklaces and pendants cover many materials and designs. Whether it is 925 sterling silver, 14k gold or gold-silver necklace, it can match with diverse pendants and stringed accessories. PANDORA earrings can match with other products of this brand to create various styles. The patterns include mini earring, earring with pendant and big earring, moreover, there’re many patterns exquisitely setting with different gem stones onto 14k gold or 925 sterling silver.