Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

 Some say that beautiful women are born stunners, and that a beautiful woman of soft voice and lovely pose is the best of stunners, who is really breathtaking for tender feeling like touching of refreshing breeze, and wonderfully delightful for charming and attractive makeup like flowering of plum blossom.

  Even the most beautiful woman, however, needs dressing and decorating themselves with accessories, not necessarily expensive gold and diamond jewelry, only a special bracelet is enough in some occasion. A fair-skinned slender wrist is by its own eye-catching, an exquisite and unique bracelet will add some charm to it. Between the waving of hand, dressed wrist glows lingering elegance, and that the wearer emanates fascinating breath all over her body.

  In traditional Chinese medicine, Shenmen acupoint is located in left wrist, where it is the movement canal of hand tendons, in this regard, even the slimmest bracelet or brace lace will put a burden on the wrist, of which most suffered parts are tendons and ligaments in the wrist, muscular atrophy and strain of tendons will be caused in serious case, even developed into “carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)”. Maybe this is why we subconsciously use right hand, and left hand is basically unused, a fact of protecting Shenmen acupoint in the left hand.

 Shenmen acupoint of modern people is subjected to perennial compression due to the need for typing the keyboard with left hand for long time, resulting in multiple syndromes such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation etc. On the contrary, multiple neurons suitable for friction massaging are distributed in our right wrist, thus wearing bracelet on right wrist may greatly relieve physical fatigue.

  Today, the charm of bracelet is increasingly popular among female wearers, which is becoming a must for fair-skinned, wealthy and attractive ladies and beautiful career women. Following the principle of “man-left hand and woman-right hand” in wearing bracelet, pretty jade bracelet will have more chance to show in the crowd.

 Throughout all the ages, our ancestors always followed the principle of “man-left hand and woman-right hand” in wearing bracelet, which in fact reflects many deep truths. So, it’s wise for a female not to wear anything on her left wrist, and it’s advisable for her to wear a lovely bracelet on her right wrist.