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Red Nymph Jewelry

Many females wear on beautiful earrings to make them looking prettier. However, some females desire but not dare to try to wear on earrings, for fear of their big faces are more noticeable. In fact, earring is a good face modifier, as long as an appropriate style is selected!
Follow Red Nymph fashion adviser, to learn about selection of earring that is most suitable for your face.

Big face: round earring is not suitable for females with big face, for round ornament enlarges your face image! You’d better wear big earring or triangular or droplet earring, to cause the impression of smaller cheek, and visually prolong your face.

Small face: females with small face are most photogenic, who are suitable for nearly all shapes of earrings, except oversize earring, otherwise small face is less pretty by contrast. Middle-size earrings are suitable for females with small face, which should not exceed 2-3cm from the earlobe.

Square face: square face needs to be visually softened with facial profile. Flowery, heart-shaped and oval earrings are first choice, which help soften and modify facial sharpness, and ultimately minimize the disadvantage of sharp facial profile.

Long face: tight round earrings are first choice for reduce the impression of traverse extension. Button earrings wand ear studs are right choice.

Oval face: earrings with wide lower part and narrow upper part are recommended to balance the feeling of sharp chin; droplet and triangular earrings or ear studs are suitable! However, if your face if a “reverse triangle” with wide upper part and narrow lower part, never try to wear such earrings!

Egg face (Or oblong face): this is so-called goose egg face, standard face for oriental female, which is perfect. As goose egg face is tender in profile, earrings of similar profile, like pearl, droplet, circle or oval earrings, will bring out the best of each other, with the best of effect.

Egg face is nearly suitable for all shapes of earrings, however, earring size and your overall image should match, and earring fitting with your stature, hairstyle and dressing will bring perfect and charming effect.