When it comes to falling of diamond, some people are not aware of the incident until they know it after long period of time, with no idea about where it is lost! Then, can this be avoided? The answer is YES, and such incident can be reduced by taking the following steps:

  1. Selection of style. In selecting the style of diamond, traditional style is advisable, for such style is popular for long time, best in setting technique, and will never be out of season, except in a poor taste. However, it’s very firm in structural design with rare case of falling diamond.
  2. If you clean your jewelry set with diamond personally, never do it in water tank but in a vessel, so that it’s easy to find the diamond once it falls off.
  3. During wearing, often check whether the diamond is loosened, if YES, fix it immediately, and do not wear the jewelry before fixing.
  4. Take off the jewelry before showering, when diamond ring is apt to slip away.
  5. The most typical style of diamond ring is Tiffany setting crown, which is popular from the 17th century B.C. to date, although the style is common, it’s firm and robust, never out of date, and rare case of falling diamond!
  6. Bezel setting is firm and makes diamond look big, generally 20-30% bigger than actual size, but the shortcoming is feeling of heaviness and thickness. New style of tension setting is imperfect in terms of frequent fall-off of diamond, and distortion of finger ring will cause fall-off of diamond!