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Any buyer wants to buy the best diamond, the problem most concerned by diamond buyers is: what is the best diamond? We know well 4C principles (Caratage, Clarity Color and Cut) in selecting diamond, today Red Nymph expert will introduce some skills for selecting high-grade diamond.

To know what the best diamond is, let’s start with how to select diamond. As for the color of diamond, it’s used to be indicated by number in Asia, and most heard is 95 color, which is equivalent to I color; D color is the best color, which is rarely seen. J, K, L etc fall into the category of yellow color, but I and J are generally classified to one grade in the jewelry market, actually, they’re different, I color belongs to white color, but J color contains yellowish color.

Polish means whether the diamond conforms with the standard; some diamond are not polished according to standard, which will have adverse effect to diamond luster; if a diamond is good in clarity and cut, but poor in polish, it’ll directly impact its price. In the jewelry market, the polish is described by countries or regions, for example, polish in Israel is a simple summary of regional polish style; however, even if in good polish in one region, it’s not uncommon to see diamond in poor workmanship, so it’s better to see the physical goods personally.

Generally speaking, diamond of grade IF clarity is barely seen in the market. VVS is high grade, with no impurity observed even with magnifying glass of 10 magnification times, but fine impurities are observed with magnifying glass of 30 magnification times; for clarity of diamond is observed with magnifying glass of 10 magnification times in international standard, VVS in the market is the highest grade of clarity.

If you want to have a wedding ring, it’s not a headache for you to decide what diamond is the best. In most cases, jewelry set with diamond lower than 50ct is OK for choice of personal favorite, the value of diamond can be taken as reference only, and genuine diamond of moderate color and cut is OK.