Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

When we’re selecting the color of the earrings to match your clothes, we need to select suitable earrings by Red Nymph Fashion advisor. In fact, we select appropriate jewelry mainly by its specification, type and quality to match our characteristics, hobbies and temperament.

First we need to map out the size. Take rings for an example. We select rings by measuring the size of our fingers, which is neither too tight nor too loose. When we’re selecting a necklace, we first have to wear it in person. The lengths of a necklace commonly are 45mm, 48mm and 50mm. So we need to select the jewelry by our age, stature, skin tone and facial contour. For young people, we suggest that they should buy the jewelry with new style, colorful and bright colors, and low price so they can vary the style to go along with the trend, which will exhibit the vitality. For agingladies, we suggest the jewelry with good craftsmanship, good texture, and more sophisticated color. For slim body with delicate skin, we suggest wearing dark stones, or a narrower ring. For chubby body with darkskin, we suggest light-colored jewelry with good transparency, or a wider ring. For longer necks, we suggest pendant earrings and for short necks, the earbobs of granular stones.

Buy jewelry to go with our own temperament and hobbies. Different jewelry shows a different aesthetic taste. Diamonds represent strength and perseverance. Red and blue diamonds stand for passion and uninhibitedness. Jade symbolizes reserveand depth, agate fantasy and unyielding, corundum simplicity and eternality, and pearl firmness and purity.

Jewelry specification, style and quality:generally,women’s rings are relatively small and exquisite while men’s rings are more solemn and solid. We also need to think about if we need to buy a stone to go with the ring. If we’re not sure about that, we can turn to the salesperson. In the selection of a necklace, we need to consider the thickness of the necklace. In general, the longer the size is, the thicker the necklace is, vice versa. If we need to buy apendant to go with the necklace, the necklace size should be moderate, not too long and not too short. Earrings can be divided into two types, screwtype and pin type. Screw type earrings are for unpierced ears and pin type earrings are for pierced ears. As for their size and style, we need to consider the whole picture to go with different people and clothes. Usually the trick is bigger pendants for thick necklaces and people with a bigger stature.

Appearance quality of jewelry: the quality of the appearance of jewelry to shiny, pure color, shape is, solder joints, stones and seams to close, carving floral to be clear and vivid. To see the jewelry, there is no rough place; to wear it, there is no thorny feeling, and the surface of the coating shouldbe glittering. Then look at the jewelry there are no color differences, such as the color of the petals and the base, to meet these requirements. Modeling refers to the quality that the product does not look oblique. For example, the location of the gem in the ring should be centered, and there is no offset and high and low. In terms of welding point of light, the welding point between each component should not be vesicles and pores, with naturally smooth visual effects to reach the standard. Other place is not the main concern, as long as there is no obvious discomfort, it would be considered a standard.