Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Lady suit features strong career colors, and aesthetic feeling of elegance, simplicity and gracefulness on the whole. For decorating lady suit with silver necklace, remember the following tips:

1)  The suit should be composed of various planes of different sizes in straight line, without complicated lace, smocking or ornament. If you mean to highlight dots and round lines as decoration while wearing silver necklace, you may skillfully combine dots, lines and planes to add rhythmic beauty to the suit.

Simple jacket and skirt constitute two large clothing planes, the part of jacket from shoulder to lower hem is stiff and vigorous in contour lines, together with straight lines of the skirt, form a capable and vibrant dressing image. In this case, wearing an elegant silver necklace outside shirt will immediately attract others’ eyes. Twinkling pearls and pendant of lively pattern create the sense of motion and rigidness with the soft suit. The female will exhibit bit of tenderness in modest and pretty decoration.

2) For female wearing suit with closed neckline, long silver necklace is advisable. Suspend the silver necklace outside the neckline. It is not necessary for you to wear exquisite and refined gold or silver necklace. For suit with round neckline, wearing silver necklace overlapping the neckline will complicate the neckline. A striking long silver necklace before the bosom will not only add overall beauty of slenderness, but also give bit of jumping dynamic to the suit.

3)  For suit in pure color and simple pattern, highly decorative silver necklace is advisable, so as to avoid the feeling of stiff dressing. For suit in single color and simple pattern, wearing a silver necklace with pendant outside silk underwear will immediately arouse the feeling of a capable lady, with an air of youthfulness and cuteness. Slim necklace and striking pendant will add some vitality and delicacy to overall dressing.

4)  If you wear a suit with tailored collar to fully expose the neck, wearing a glittering and thick silver necklace will bring the sense of magnificence, and reflect unique female look and charm in the decorative jewelry. Moreover, because the silver necklace is thick and short, it forms an arc line around the neck, which relieves stiff and straight lines of suit dress, bringing the sense of tenderness in rigidness.