Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

PANDORA jewelry released brand-new spring jewelry series in this spring season, with design inspiring from exuberant spring time,and attempt for using multiple sparkling colors by unique way of interesting combination, texture of materials, geometrical patterns etc.The lively color blending of jewelry activates the unprecedented female inner passion and vitality.

  With more precise and aggressive color blending, spring jewelry series infuses abundant life vigor into modern pattern to perfection, so that each female can show her own unique and natural style, and create exclusive patterns through continuous exploration of fashionable jewelry.

  Whether flower patterns full of fashion blending with lively color design, various bright enamels and amphiboles for variable change and free combination, or best-selling geometric elements in this season with colorful patterns, all of them exhibit refined craftsmanship and skilled hand-painted enamel technique.

  By re-composition of popular symbols, PANDORA ESSENCE series for this season carries on the patterns, materials and styles to the product line of MOMENTS series, with over one hundred amphiboles flush setting onto ESSENCE stringed accessory, and excellent handicraft being perfectly reflected in this series. This time, eight new stringed accessories are released synchronously, including first release of “GRATITUDE” and “HOPE” series. It not only integrates bright luster with fashionable pattern, but more explains distinctive value in the heart of stylish female.

  In addition to spring series, PANDORA released ultramodern Disney jewelry series, the jewelry finished with handwork interprets globally popular cartoon figures and beautiful tales, and displays a wonderful world full of magic. Donald Duck is a world-renowned cartoon figure, his girlfriend Daisy is also a good friend of Minnie. Freely appreciating the charm of Donald Duck and Daisy, to delight you with two 925 sterling silver Disney stringed accessories. In the setting of Beauty and the Beast, Princess Belle’s magical rose accessory is designed with hollowed rose pattern embellished in cherry red below, and mixing with a bracelet engraved with “true love in heart”, will bring you with a fantastic combination full of magic.