Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

As an interchangeable bracelet or necklace, Pandora bracelets are popular around the world and have a unique charm. Why is that?

The Pandora bracelet is beautifully decorated 

Pandora bracelets are the perfect bracelet to decorate your wardrobe as they can be easily changed to match any outfit! Are you wearing green clothes today? Wear your green Murano glass beads to match. Want to wear your gold and silver watch? Replace your enamel charm with some gold and silver. There are limitless possibilities!

The Pandora Charm is meaningful, beautiful and interesting

The Pearl of Pandora is to commemorate the moments, events, people and things that are important in your life. There are angels, hearts, children, graduation caps, birthstone amulets, football, animals, and more. Many beads are just beautiful designs to compliment the meaningful beads.

Pandora’s Curse is handmade in sterling silver or pure gold

All amulets are handmade, either pure gold or a combination of the two. They are not plated. All the stones are hand-set, making the quality beads, durable and an excellent value.

The pearl of Pandora will not hang at the bottom of your wrist

The Pandora bracelet has a unique feature that divides the bead into three parts. There are two beads that don’t move; they are pinched and held still, placing the beads on either side. These special beads are called clips. There are many choices!

The pearl of Pandora is easy to change

Most Pandora beads are screwed on the upper and lower bracelets, making it a simple change to your bracelet to suit your mood or your style! This feature allows the collection of beads to grow over time.

Pandora’s Curse makes a fashion necklace

Put your Pandora spell on a chain or rope and create your own necklace! Take a larger, overhanging charm as the center bead and add more beads to the sides. Come to the Fox High Jewelry Store to see a sample of the necklace we made. We also had a great time!

The Pandora Charm is a great gift

Don’t know what to buy for her? Let her wear a Pandora bracelet! Choose to remind her of your beads, her favorite activities, or her favorite color or birthstone. The possibilities are limitless. The money you spend is the same. Just want to spend $25? Want to spend $100 or $1,000? You can get a unique and special gift at any price! And, you can always add to her Pandora bracelet for years!

 Tips for choosing a Pandora bracelet?     

1) Choose your bracelet

You start with a bracelet from the bracelet itself. Many people choose classic and popular sterling silver bracelets and patented buckles. This button is very safe and it is easy to wear it yourself. Or start with a silver bracelet with a gold buckle, or choose a full gold. Leather bracelets are also available in many different colors.

You need to choose the length of the bracelet. As your collection grows, be sure to leave room for these charms! You should be able to put at least two or three fingers between your bracelet and your wrist. Many people like bigger spaces. At each PANDORA store,they have experts in the assembly of bracelets and are happy to help you. If this is a gift, they will make the best estimate. If you need a different size, they will give you a change.

2) Select your clip

The clip is a stationary bead that divides the bead into three parts. You will choose two clips, from a series of styles of silver or gold, with or without stones.

3) Choose your beads

Start with one or a complete bracelet! In a lot of PANDORA stores, , they have every bead made by Pandora, so you will find a complete selection. Silver charms start at $25, and most charms are priced at $65 or less. The gold charm starts at $75. Many gold charms with diamonds are amazing pieces of art.