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If you have a website dedicated to jewelry, fashion or style, becoming a jewelry affiliate can be a lucrative business with low start-up costs. As a member, you can encourage your readers to buy jewelry to earn commissions by posting comments. However, it is important that you choose a reputable, high-quality company that will give you a substantial commission for each sale. Here we recommend Red Nymph online store, and our marketing consultants tell you that high quality content will increase your website traffic and increase the number of products you sell. Soon, you may have some extra income. Red Nymph’s marketing consultant introduces you some ways to run Affiliate program:

1) It is a very important method to have your own website or blog

If you don’t have a website yet, you will need to start one. The affiliate program works through ads, referral links, and comments posted on the site. Create a website about jewelry or jewelry related topics, such as fashion, gifts or romance.

2)Decide how to build your website or blog based on the type of jewelry you promote

You need to determine the type of jewelry your audience is most likely to buy. Consider the reader’s age, gender, lifestyle, and income level. Then try to find some companies that match this crowd.

If your blog is about crafts, DIY lifestyle or natural life, you might want to promote handmade jewelry.

If your website is about romance or wedding, you can sell engagement rings, heart pendants, or sell gifts.

If your readers are interested in popular jewelry, research the latest styles and trends. For example, Red Nymph Jewelry is more suitable for young women who love fashion.

3)Confirm the company or brand you want to work with

First, you need to decide if you want to work with an individual company or if you want to work with a network company. If you have a brand in your heart, you can apply directly through their website. If you are not sure which type of jewelry you want to promote, we recommend that you work with Red Nymph Jewelry, which usually offers better commissions, but most of their jewelry types are silver jewelry. If you want to represent multiple brands, as long as you have enough resources and audience and enough control, this is definitely a good idea.

4) The choice of jeweler is very important

Choose a quality jeweler you trust. Start with the jewelry brand you have worn. Read the reviews to make sure they don’t have a lot of complaints about quality or customer service. Although you will not be held accountable, if your website promotes a low-quality company, it may be badly known.

It’s a good idea to promote only the jewelry you have tested and worn. This will let you determine the quality of it so you can write honest reviews.

5)Evaluation of commission

Compare commissions from different companies. The commission rate is generally between 4% and 12% of the cost of the product. Some retailers may increase the commission for more expensive items, or they may have a higher-selling subsidiary that earns a much higher level than a lower-selling subsidiary.

In most cases, the commission rate will be posted on the brand’s website. If not, contact their marketing department to ask.

Consider the price of jewelry when considering commissions. A more expensive item may make more money than a cheaper item, even if the commission is slightly lower.