Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Is it okay to mix gold and silver jewelry with a suit?-The answer is yes. In our era, fashion and style are infinite, and the mix and match of silver and gold has developed into an incredible trend. Nevertheless, there is a subtle boundary between fashion and absurdity. Therefore, with this in mind, you must ensure that your jewelry is matched in the correct way. The previous rule was that you cannot mix metals, but now the law of fashion is over! — However, there is, however, no need to overstep the mark.

Here are some suggestions on how to match various jewelry:

Wear gold and silver jewelry

Can mixed metal jewelry set off your clothes?

When you use mixed metal jewelry to decorate your clothing, you must consider whether this type of jewelry is suitable for your clothing and occasion. For example, do you wear fashionable clothes during the day or a sophisticated and elegant evening dress? You can choose a heavier, more fashionable, and more casual style for daytime outfits-for example, a necklace with interlaced letters and other thick chains will match Very suitable for a casual, quirky outfit. However, a special evening dress will be more refined and refined. Once you have decided on the style of jewelry, you can start putting your gold and silver necklaces together.

What are you going to mix?

When you mix and match gold and silver jewelry, you only need to use necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Considering other accessories, such as handbags or shoes, is not a fashion requirement. There is no need to worry about it matching the zipper on your handbag or the buckle on your shoes. If there is any difference, this will only increase the “mix and match” style, and should not affect the overall appearance. You can also remove the element of engagement or wedding ring-this is no longer a decision you have to make, we live in a more free world!

How to avoid

It is very important to insist on mixing colors rather than styles. You must seem to have considered what you are doing, rather than just wearing old clothes. Yes, fashion has become more modern and free, but we still need to look purposeful and stylish. Different styles and different colors should not be mixed together aimlessly.

At least one assembly

You have to determine the tone you want to mix gold and silver together. It is best to have two shades-one silver and one golden. For example, gold and silver or rose gold and silver. You should choose a piece that combines different metallic tones-this will make it easier for you to choose other pieces. In addition, this technique makes the appearance look more organized.


Stack necklaces of different colors one by one, from the longest to the shortest. It doesn’t matter if they overlap, let them fall naturally. Put a few gold bracelets on your silver bracelet and mix the rings together. The fun of this new trend is endless-you can always wear different styles and be unique.

Give it a twist

Add another color to complement these two metallic shades. For example, adding a rose gold bar necklace to the combination of pure gold and silver, or even adding a color charm-this allows you to have fun in the metal mix and match, and it looks perfect.