Red Nymph Jewelry

Red Nymph Jewelry

Many people like silver jewelry but lack of knowledge about maintenance of them. In fact, we can maintain silver jewelry in polished condition as long as we take good care of them in daily life.

The best method for maintaining silver jewelry is to wear it everyday, this is because our body fat is a natural and warm source of luster.

Do not wear on other jewelry of noble metal while wearing silver jewelry, so as to avoid deformation or scratch after collision.

Keep silver jewelry in dry condition, do not wear it during swimming, and keep it from caustic hot spring and seawater in all circumstances; gently wipe the surface with cotton cloth or facial tissue to remove moisture and taint; put it into sealed bag or box to avoid direct exposure to the air.

If you find fading sign of silver jewelry to yellow, the simplest method is to clean its surface with toothpaste dipping into running water, or clean the hairline with jewelry brush, and then gently wipe the surface with silver polishing cloth to restore previous polish of the jewelry. If 80~90% silvery white can be restored with silver polishing cloth, do not use silver wiping cream and silver cleaning liquid, for both are caustic, and use of such chemical products is likely to cause fading of silver color. In addition, silver polishing cloth contains silver maintenance component and do not clean it with water.

In case of severe yellowing of silver jewelry, do not soak in silver cleaning liquid for too long, but for several seconds in general cases, and clean it with running water immediately after taking it out, and then blot up with facial tissue.