Now that you have the perfect wedding ring, we believe that you will want to keep it in its best condition even after a long time after the wedding. However, wearing a wedding ring every day inevitably exposes it to some chemicals, and over time, its luster will weaken. But that doesn’t mean you should leave your wedding ring at home. In addition to bringing it to your trusted jeweler, here are some simple home remedies to make your jewelry sparkle.

To avoid scratching and touching perfume or lotions, you need to make sure that your gold jewelry is the last thing you wear when you dress up in the morning, and the first thing you take off when you go home. Remember, before putting each piece of clothing in a separate velvet box or zipper plastic bag, you should clean it with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dirt and dust.

Contact with chemicals in cosmetics, lotions, perfumes or cleaning products must be avoided. If your jewelry is exposed to these chemicals, you can take it to a jeweler and have them polish it with steam until it restores its beautiful luster. An easy home remedy is to immerse your gold jewelry in warm soapy water, but be sure not to use antibacterial soap.

The best storage advice is to lock the silverware in a sealed plastic zipper bag and keep the humidity low because exposure to air can make the silverware black. Another method of wiping silver is to use microfiber cloth. Any special scratches can be removed with this special flannel rub jewelry. However, if this method does not work, you can try washing with warm water and soap without ammonia phosphate. Then, polish your silverware with baking soda paste.

To keep silverware in good condition, avoid wearing any household chemicals when wearing jewelry. Also, when going swimming or sunbathing, don’t forget to take it off, as exposure to sunlight will dim its silvery sheen. Last but not least, avoid contact with beauty products such as lotions, perfumes and hair sprays.

Platinum is known for its durability; nevertheless, it cannot avoid scratches. It is recommended that you clean platinum regularly and take it to a jeweler you trust to enhance its gloss. For a simple home solution, just use warm water and soap and then brush it with a soft bristle brush or a soft cloth. To remove any grease, immersing jewelry in rubbing alcohol is the most effective cleaning method.

Although harsh chemicals like bleach do not cause much damage to platinum, platinum jewelry is often paired with diamonds and other gems that are vulnerable to these chemicals. As a precautionary measure, avoiding these types of exposure will give your platinum a longer lasting shine.

Diamonds and other gems
Originally popular in engagement rings, diamonds and other gems are now widely used to decorate wedding rings. If you have diamonds or other gemstones on your wedding ring, you should be careful because they may loosen over time. So, before doing any heavy activities, such as sports or housework, it is best to take off your wedding ring. By doing so, you can avoid any unfortunate bumps or knocks that could cause your diamond to be defective.

One thing you can do to prevent dullness of diamonds is to avoid using beauty products and body lotions when wearing jewelry. Also, take off your jewelry while you are swimming, as the chlorine in the water will corrode the diamond or any gem you wear. Another common mistake people make is to wear gems while bathing. Hygiene products contain a certain amount of soap. This soap forms a thin film on the diamond, making the diamond look dull. Therefore, you should remove your jewelry before taking a shower.